Types of Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Types of Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Rushing through the largest sand desert of the world, also called” Rub Al Khali” in Abu Dhabi, would be great fun. You could not imagine the delight of this exciting journey. Wait a moment, you can imagine it if you have already gone through it.

Many of you might wonder what type of enjoyment would be provided in a vast area of land, covered with sand. You could get a clear answer only by visiting through the desert. Desert safari includes different types of entertainment activities, including henna painting or tattoos, dune bashing, sand skiing, and suffering through the fine granules on a sandboard.

If you have not been on a desert safari first, then it’s the perfect time to book your ride to the desert. But make sure to keep your sunglasses with you to enjoy the ride without letting sand enter your eyes.

After reading this article you will get familiar with the types of desert safari. It will be important for you as it could help you to choose the right one according to your taste.

1.     Morning Desert Safari

If you are having a tight evening routine, then you will definitely prefer this type. It usually starts at 9 am. You have to pack your baggage and start your journey. This type of desert safari usually doesn’t offer any meal. But you could enjoy different snacks to fulfill your appetite. You could enjoy different types of activities there.

Dune bashing on a four-wheeler quad bike is great fun. Your tour company could easily provide this on your demand. Camel riding requires some extra pay. Henna tattoos are free for everyone. This time of safari is quite peaceful. You could get the ride with only one other member with you. But this is not mandatory, it’s only a preferable choice.

If you don’t want to spend a night in the desert or don’t want to have dinner in the desert, then this type of desert safari is perfect for you.

2.     Evening time Desert Safari

Evening safari is much more exciting than the morning safari. It usually starts between 2 to 3 pm. This type of desert safari is perfect for those who went to their job early in the morning and have a free evening ahead of them. The start of the evening safari is similar to a morning safari. But here you can witness an amazing scene of the sunset while present at the heart of the Arabian desert.

You could enjoy different types of shows on this safari. This includes some folk dances and famous Arabian Belly dances. All these live performances could make you happy. But you should keep in mind that these shows will not be available for you during the Holy month of Ramadan.

Then comes dinner. Evening safari provides you with a delicious Barbeque dinner. Almost every type of barbeque is available there with different kinds of drinks. A vegetarian menu is also available for those who don’t want to eat meat.

3.     Overnight Desert Safari

This is the most exciting type. How would you feel to spend a night in the desert? Contrary to its day conditions, the desert is pretty cool at night. So you should choose clothes keeping this thing in mind.

Other activities are almost similar to evening safari. By booking an overnight safari you could also have an idea about both morning and evening safari. Fire shows with other live performances and scenes of the sunrise could double the fun for you.

These are the types you could select one according to your routine and taste.

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