7 Ways To Make Your Vape Cartridge Boxes Even Better

7 Ways To Make Your Vape Cartridge Boxes Even Better

If you are looking to incredibly pack your vape cartridges in custom boxes, you have probably spent some time researching what options are available to you and how you can incorporate them into your packaging solution. Whether you want to get large boxes or 1ml vape cartridge packaging boxes, effective manufacturing and designing are crucial. 

The truth is that there are several different options out there, which can make it difficult to determine which one will be best for your company or brand. Luckily, if you take the time to look into these options, there are plenty of ways to improve your custom vape packaging boxes.

Know Your Target Audience – Vape Cartridge Boxes

It is important to know who your potential audience will be. You can then use this information to make your packaging more likely to be purchased by people in that demographic. Tailoring your products for a specific audience allows you to not only increase your customer base but also refine what type of experience you want them to have. 

For example, if your target audience is younger people, it might be best to create something colorful and fun. If you are looking for an older customer with disposable income, try using luxurious materials like rigid boxes with classical color fusion.

Choose Budget-Friendly Options – Vape Cartridge Boxes

Choose cost-effective custom features to save your budget. Here are a few ideas on how you can save money with the right amount of creativity and personalization: 

  • Start with free templates and customize them, instead of starting from scratch. 
  • If you are going to include inserts for liquids or batteries, make sure they are small enough that they don’t require extra shipping costs or have additional expenses like special labeling requirements.
  • If you want an exterior window so customers can see what’s inside without opening the box, use a transparent window patch.
  • Think about other creative ways to add value such as adding informational cards about why your brand is different from others or using recycled materials to save money on packaging materials.

Design Wisely

You must construct a unique design to stand out in the market. Choose a design that will convey the product’s message effectively. Consider your customer and their emotional response to color, illustrations, and typography.  

Use Fonts Wisely

When using typography, consider the personality of your brand or product and how it best fits with the design. For example, you may choose formal and modern fonts for creating sophisticated and playful impressions, respectively. 

Use Contrasting Colors Effectively

Colors have different meanings depending on what they are next to so you must choose colors wisely. For example, blue is commonly associated with trustworthiness while red is often seen as powerful but also aggressive or flamboyant.

Find A Reliable Supplier – Vape Cartridge Boxes

Packaging is one of the most essential things for any business. It must be done right to catch the eye of potential customers and persuade them to purchase your product. If you want to increase your chances of making a sale, you must hire a professional packaging builder who tends to meet deadlines and give excellent packaging. 

You need someone who knows how to make your products stand out on shelves with well-designed custom vape packaging boxes. The majority of people don’t know what they are looking for when they go shopping at their local grocery store or online so this small detail can make all the difference in closing the deal.

Choose Appropriate Material And Size

Effective packaging needs to be handled carefully and you must consider each factor as necessary. 

  • When it comes to picking the material for your custom vape packaging boxes, there are many factors to consider. You must use highly protective and durable materials such as cardboard and paperboard materials. 
  • When selecting your package dimensions, it is important to know the height and width of the product you are selling for all sides of the box to fit properly. 
  • Make sure that there is enough room for your product logo and desired slogan as well. 
  • You may also add a sufficient thickness of foam padding for added protection.
  • Cut out a hole in the bottom of the box so you can easily slide your product out without damaging any part of the packaging itself. 
  • To ensure no damage occurs, put some Fragile stickers on top where appropriate. If this is not possible, then consider using an opaque film or adhesive-backed vinyl with a Fragile label printed on it to protect against viewing by others.

Add Elegance With An Attractive Color Scheme

No one is immune to the attraction of a good-looking product. When your box looks good, you are more likely to gain more business. It doesn’t take much. You just have to ensure the colors go well together and are complementary enough to go a long way in making your brand more memorable. You can also make sure that the printing on the package is legible, so customers know what they are buying. 

Good graphics will also ensure that customers stay interested in your products while they wait for their purchase to be completed. Nowadays, people have short attention spans when it comes to online shopping. Make sure you use appealing images that convey what is inside or appeal to the person’s tastes.

Get Familiar With Safety Regulations In Place

You should know your target demographic and the legalities surrounding custom vape packaging. The standard regulations may affect how much customizing you can do with the boxes. For example, there are restrictions on colors, text size, logo size, and wording on the boxes. There are also certain ways you must wrap each box for shipping. Make sure to check out these guidelines before designing your custom cartridge packaging.


It is to conclude that you must manufacture your custom vape packaging effectively to boost your sales. You must choose a suitable material and design a unique solution. Take care of colors, font style, and printing details to get outstanding attire for your ideal vape products.

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