What are the Pros and Cons of Plastic Surgery?

What are the Pros and Cons of Plastic Surgery?

What is Plastic Surgery?

Are you considering plastic surgery? Plastic surgery is a type of surgery performed to repair or reconstruct tissues and skin that have become damaged. Plastic surgery is done to help improve the appearance of a person from any abnormality that may have occurred from burns, accidents, serious injuries, or congenital disabilities. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of plastic surgery.

Pros of Plastic Surgery

It is critical that when considering plastic surgery, you choose a certified surgeon. Doing so will guarantee great results and reduce some of the risks associated with plastic surgery.

Here are some pros of plastic surgery:

  • Mental health improvements: Plastic surgery is extremely effective for many people who have issues with self-esteem. Many times, patients will become depressed due to abnormalities in their bodies and can become self-conscious. But, plastic surgery gives patients a new sense of hope.
  • Pain reduction: Many plastic surgeons can easily reduce pain and reduce the need to depend on medication, thus increasing their quality of life. Removing excess skin via plastic surgery can help a person eliminate the pain and help bring back their mobility.
  • Breathing improvement: A type of plastic surgery that can be performed to help with the appearance of the nose and a person’s breathing is known as rhinoplasty. Others may experience a deviated nasal septum which can cause difficulty breathing. Plastic surgery can help repair a deviated nasal septum, thus improving breathing.
  • Weight loss: Some people that have excess belly fat may become agitated because they are unable to lose weight after many attempts. Plastic surgery is effective at reducing excess skin and fat and can help boost a person’s self-confidence.

Cons of Plastic Surgery

No matter what, everything has two sides: a good side and a bad side. The same rule applies to plastic surgery.

Here are some cons of plastic surgery:

  • Painful: Most plastic surgery procedures can be painful, especially if it involves operating on more than one body part. Many patients believe that they only experience pain when they are given general anesthesia. But, pain is a long-term complication associated with plastic surgery.
  • Wasted money: Many people may see plastic surgery as a waste of money. But, others may get excited about the potential results and borrow money or take out big loans they are unable to pay back. This only increases debt, which can ultimately result in depression, anger, and a plethora of other mental health problems.
  • Addiction risks: Many people who undergo plastic surgery are at a huge risk of becoming addicted. They may want to undergo repetitive surgery until they achieve the desired results. This is more commonly seen in people who suffer from disorders such as body dysmorphic disorder as they are more vulnerable to undergoing multiple surgeries to change the way they look.
  • Recovery time: One of the biggest downsides to having plastic surgery is that the downtime can be extremely long and challenging. Sometimes, the recovery can last from two weeks to four weeks. Others may even find it challenging to complete daily tasks.

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