What Does Cold Supply Chain Refer To?

What Does Cold Supply Chain Refer To?

As a consumer, you purchase items shipped through the cold supply chain frequently. However, you probably haven’t thought much about the business management needed to get them from where they are made to where you buy them. The cold supply chain enables companies to accomplish this task.

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What Is the Cold Supply Chain?

The cold supply chain is a part of supply chain management. It involves the proper transport of perishable goods, such as food, from its point of origin all the way through the distribution chain. This practice helps companies to maintain the quality and safety of those items.

Our cold supply chain is also important in fields such as pharmaceuticals. Cold supply chain operations keep items safe all the way to the point where they enter the hands of consumers.

It’s critical to keep perishable goods stored at the correct temperature—even during transportation. Failure to do so can result in textural degradation and discoloration. Even worse, unacceptable temperatures can cause some products to bruise and may even promote microbial growth.

Today’s Consumers Want It Fresh

In relatively recent years, the cold supply chain has faced increasing pressure from changing consumer patterns. However, this circumstance was amplified with the emergence of COVID-19.

Now, the cold supply chain is under more pressure than ever before. There’s an intense demand to transmit vaccines safely.

In addition, things are changing in the grocery space. Now, retailers are trying to figure out changing supply management needs at the “last mile.”

This part of the supply chain involves online purchases. A growing number of consumers who purchase perishable goods online are placing additional demands on the cold supply chain.

Protecting the Cold Supply Chain

As you can imagine, the cold supply chain is very important. As a result, there is an organization that works specifically to protect its interests. The group is called the Global Cold Chain Alliance.

The GCCA works to support a strong cold chain. Members of the organization are experts in temperature management for perishable goods. The organization supports the highest standards for cold supply chain care and precision.

GCCA members might include food processors, wholesalers, distributors and retailers. By working together, they help to maintain the quality and integrity of many of the perishable goods that you purchase.

Partnering for the Safety of Perishable Goods

The work of the GCCA ensures that the perishable goods we consume stay safe. They also help to develop the processes and technologies used to support the cold supply chain.

In doing so, the organization ensures the proper handling of perishable goods. They also make sure that the cold supply chain stays safe, efficient and reliable.

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