Who is the Richest Virgin in the World?

Who is the Richest Virgin in the World?

According to WealthX, a company that publishes a report on the wealth of the world’s richest people, there are also rich people around the world who are still single and at an early age they have managed to make it to the list of the richest people.

According to the report, currently the top 10 richest virgins in the world are from Britain and the United States.

India Rose James:

According to a report released by WealthX, 24-years-old India Rose James from the UK, worth’s a total of 28 Crore Dollars. After which India has managed to bring Rose James to the first place in the list of richest virgins.

Avon Spiegel:

Avon Spiegel, owner and founder of US social media and camera company Snap Ink is on second number virgin with a net worth of 2.1 billion dollars.

Avon Spiegel is currently 25 years old and belongs from United State.

Avon, So far has not established a formal relationship of  marriage but has been seen together many times with a supermodel.

Elizabeth Holmes:

When Elizabeth Holmes was in her second year, she founded the healthcare technology company “Theranos” and within a few months, she dropped out of school and became fully involved.

Today, she is the youngest billionaire woman in the United States.

She is only 23 years old and his net worth is 4.4 billion.

Theranos  is a biotech company that adopts new methods in blood testing and its goal is to make medical experiments cheaper and faster.

Lucas T. Walton:

31 years old Lucas T. Walton, is the grandson of Sam Walton with a net worth of 11 billion dollars.

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