Why Digital Marketing is a Booming Industry?

Why Digital Marketing is a Booming Industry?

Internet access is common. The use of mobile phones, computers and laptops has intensified, which has significantly changed the growth of digital channels in strength and volume. Whether it is social media, searching for information on Google or shopping, India has turned this medium into a market in its own right. And this market has evolved into digital marketing which is a prime source for doing business on the Internet! Explore more of digital marketing by taking up a digital marketing program today!

The post-pandemic situation will be favorable to online marketing methods. Digital marketing is an inexpensive, effective, sustainable and accessible advertising method. There are several aspects that lead entrepreneurs to focus more on growing their brand on social media platforms. Let’s understand how it has become one of the most popular industries in the world.

Digital Marketing – a Booming Industry

  • Growing Internet Use

The present times had already shown the massive changes that people were experiencing after the intervention of the Internet. Nowadays, more and more people are turning to the Internet to meet their daily needs. Okay, from consumers to manufacturers and sellers of various products and services, everyone is taking a leap with the advent of Internet technology. In addition, the reduced prices of the Internet had made it possible for every other ordinary person to carry a smart phone, which led to more widespread use of the Internet. All of these cases bring new heights to digital marketing.

  • Online shopping becomes easy

About 70-80% of the population is dedicated to online shopping and e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, etc. are making waves with their impact on the market. And all this in a country where around 2/3 of the population still does not have access to the Internet or smart phones. As the internet access of a larger population increases, India will experience a revolution in terms of digitization, which will soon make India one of the main markets in the world with the highest number of internet users.

  • Growth in the use of smart phones and mobile phones

According to internet search provider Baidu, the number of global smart phone users will exceed 6 billion by 2020.

This reflects the exponential growth of smart phone users around the world. It opens up wide possibilities for mobile marketers. There will be a significant demand for marketers capable of implementing marketing strategies through digital channels like SMS, MMS, push notifications, etc.

This opens up opportunities for mobile marketers as more and more websites become responsive or mobile-friendly. Cell phone technology is changing very rapidly, which means more and more changes are needed, and at a much faster rate than any other digital medium.

  • Employment opportunities

With the creation of a new industry, several job positions have been opened in the IT sector. You need people to build a website, develop an app, market the brand on various social media platforms, and create content. The digital marketing industry offers more than 1.7 lakh jobs, which will increase after the pandemic. Roles like content writer, video editor, coder, app developer, digital marketing, copywriter, blogger, and more have opened up to millennials.

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