Why Strata Management: Basics of Building Maintenance

Why Strata Management: Basics of Building Maintenance

Strata management is an essential of the hour. We live in an age of rapid urbanization. Residential buildings come in all forms- from compact spaces such as condos and apartments to grander places like villas and regal homes. Every structure requires proper management to retain its freshness. Strata building management is precisely the art of property maintenance. Learning about the various spheres of building management leads to effective management of one’s properties.


While buying a property, management of the said property is often the last priority in the buyer’s mind. Things such as construction, plumbing, wiring works, painting, furnishing, and other logistic issues like brokerage take up most of the limelight. It is crucial to understand that regular maintenance of the building is indispensable. With the expert help of these companies, being a property owner becomes hassle-free. These companies offer several services that are comprehensive and insightful. Hiring a building management service provider of this sort is the solution to all maintenance needs.


The most basic maintenance that every building needs is regular cleaning. Therefore, it is the first service provided by management companies. Janitorial services may include cleaning the corridors of the building every day. If commercial buildings such as showrooms or office spaces have public washrooms, janitorial services cover regular cleaning and maintenance of these spaces too.


Strata building management companies also offer regular structural check-ups in the building. Any structural fault such as decaying corners of walls could cause the structure to deteriorate over time. Frequently checking this helps in preventing any such hazard beforehand. Even conspicuous structural issues may pose huge problems with time.


The hazard of fire is always an intimidating one. During times of such crisis, buildings must be able to deal with them in a timely and orderly manner. Strata building management companies make it a point to regularly test and check fire alarms in residential and commercial buildings. Similarly, they also test the efficiency of fire extinguishing materials such as fire buckets, hose reels, hydrant cabinets, wall brackets, and pressure gauges. When a property owner ensures that these things are properly maintained, the properties tend to be safer than poorly maintained buildings.

Commercial buildings often have attractive front yards with beautiful greenery. A well maintained front yard is sure to please any visitor. Strata building management companies take care of front yards and garden spaces. Some services they may offer include mowing lawns, landscaping, gardening the yards. In the case of larger estates and properties that span a vast area, they also provide groundskeeping services. This way, they ensure that the property’s safety is not compromised.


Any space with a flow of human traffic is bound to generate waste. If left unchecked, garbage attracts unnecessary pests and undesirous odour. It will ultimately lead to an unpleasant workspace or an uncomfortable home environment. It could also lead to other alarming problems such as clogged toilet lines and the spread of dangerous diseases. Therefore, responsible waste disposal is a priority for building management companies.


Despite proper garbage disposal, pest nuisance is still present as a possibility. Management companies perform regular pest control measures such as pest termination processes, sanitation of infested areas and ensuring prolonged relief from pests. There are also specialized treatments for cockroach infestations, lizards, and other such insects.


Some management companies take care of the administrative needs of the buildings too. If needed, they also monitor security and CCTV cameras on behalf of the property owners. They also maintain lifts regularly, clean garages, and windows and take care of other administrative works. If a need arises, they provide legal services too.


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