Wicker Baskets: Incredibly Practical Storage That Adds Vibrance to Your Space

Wicker Baskets: Incredibly Practical Storage That Adds Vibrance to Your Space

Perhaps one of everyone’s absolute favorite storage equipment preferences is wicker storage bins. They seem to be the ideal solution to stuffing off those spare bits and pieces, and even the tiniest of households frequently get a discreet way of combining different kinds of stuff and makes it look cluttered.

Wicker storage baskets are remarkably easy to integrate within your areas and households’ scheme and design. It adds a natural hue to your usual home with its material. It freshens up and adds vibrance anywhere you choose to put it. Thus, wicker storage baskets are not just for storage purposes but can be used as decor.

Kouboo Kobo Rattan Storage Basket

The wicker baskets are utilized for various purposes. You may use this as a plant basket, toy storage, and supply storage for food. The natural material of this product makes it everybody’s favorite. The size of this basket is 20 inches long and can hold up to 10 pounds of weight.

This is handwoven and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. For living room use, a plant basket is one of the ideal uses for this basket, especially if you have collections of plants that you want to showcase. For bedrooms, you may use this as storage for blankets and even books. In the kitchen, you may store groceries here for easy access.

Deco 79 Large Seagrass Woven Wicker Basket

This large wicker basket seems to be perfect for holding everything that otherwise would be abandoned in a very unclean pile, whether extra pillows of your couch to papers and magazines. The curved grips on this item, designers claim, bring a little more vibrance and natural feel to your room.

The material used for this basket is water hyacinth, and the woven fiber adds to its durability and will guarantee to last long. The classic and modern look of this basket will undoubtedly blend with your overall room aesthetic. If you also love to put some decors in the living room, this one is an ideal choice too.

Household Essentials Barrel Storage

Storage space is an inevitable problem for some of us who live in small residences. As such, furniture that functions as storage conversely, we simply adore. This wicker basket made it into the top because it can work as both an ottoman while carrying many things efficiently.

It is also stable enough to hold the pool and so stylish to be placed in the living room. This basket measures 17 inches in diameter and can hold up to 11.4 pounds of weight of an item. The look has a natural curve supported by a metal frame to maintain its structure, even used for a long time.

MONTANA Woven Hanging Basket

Where you can still intend to hang flowers or herbs usually, designers consider here that wicker hanging baskets are just the nicest substitute to just a bedside table. Place this next to one’s bed and use that to place everything, including your mobile, a storybook for going to bed, even with your late-night snacks.

This will also save space from the usual cabinets that will eat a lot of space. If you have a smaller space, opting for hanging storage is the best solution to your dilemma. Montana’s woven basket will also add a natural vibrance anywhere you put it, like the kitchen, bedroom, and even living room.

Natural Wicker Resin Woven Hanging Basket

If you’re a fan of petunia flowers, hanging them in this basket is ideal. It will surely catch everyone’s eye, especially if you pair your petunia with this beautiful woven basket. You may also use this for other purposes aside from flower baskets to store any stuff you’d like. It can be placed in the kitchen or living room.

This basket is 14 inches in size and has a natural color. The material is made from resin wicker and metal; this will guarantee users that it will last long. It is also coated with Electrostatic Powder for rust resistance.


Choosing storage baskets can be as hard as choosing furniture. It often takes a lot of research and even some knowledge about the product before making wise choices to buy it. You also might need to consider your budget, space, purpose, and aesthetics. If you know some of these brands, you will not have a hard time choosing the right storage baskets. This is also true if you have already conceptualized how you plan on using use them

This is also a substitute for traditional cabinets when storing stuff. Besides the fact that cabinets eat a lot of space, it is even more expensive than storage baskets and will require you to spend thousands. Thus, storage baskets are practical and can also be used as decor to your space.

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