10 Things in Kerala Unmissable

10 Things in Kerala Unmissable

Spread along the tropical Malabar Coast along the Southwestern part of India, Kerala is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful states of India with its wide coasts, picturesque backwaters and exotic nature and wealthy cultural heritage. Thanks to its scenic beauty and a host of activities, Kerala has been popular for travellers for years.

It may be hard for you to imagine a mother side to this pretty country if you were ever in India, but if you’re looking for that, you will find it in Kerala!

I first visited India in 2013 and I fell in love with this beautiful country. It’s so different in every part of the world. I was there and I took a tour and asked my guide where his favourite location was in India. I expected him to tell me his favourite place was the location for our tour, but he looked far and whispered carefully, ‘Kerala.’ I’ve been desperate to go since then!

I highly recommend taking a tour like these Kerala tours packages if you are short in time in India. India is not always the easiest country to travel around and a tour is so easy and relaxing to experience! I loved my tour, and if I tried all independently, I wouldn’t have been able to pack half as much.

There are a host of ingredients that form the identity of Kerala, often known as ‘The Garden of Spices.’ You will find a fantastic climate to enjoy, perhaps on one of the magnificent beautiful beaches of Kerala, a network of breathtaking backwaters, to take a cruise on a traditional houseboat. And Kerala has only a small portion to offer.

Cruise the backwaters

The backwaters must be cruised right at the top of the list! The most popular and famous Kerala honeymoon packages are probably to go on a houseboat trip through the snaking backwater network, which dissects the state. Alleppey is one of the best places to go on a backwater tour, even though it is the extension of waterways in Kerala, there are several destinations to enjoy a laid-back cruise, discover exotic birdlife and the local life as you walk.

Visit a tea plantation

Hidden in Western Ghats green landscapes, travellers stumble across Munnar’s magnificent oasis, famous for its tea plantations. A visit here is a must-see and you can explore the plantations on a range of interesting tours, with a never-ending canvas from green rolling hills and the coolest tea that you will ever taste. These are the best photos of Instagram feed!

Visit a spice plantation

You cannot go head to the side with tea in the battle of the plantations at Kerala and you cannot visit the ‘Garden of Spices.’ You’ll find all sorts of spices grown around Periyar plantations including cardamom, ginger and cinnamon originally famated for its ancient Black pepper trade.

Go hiking in Munnar

Munnar also provides a playground for outdoor lovers as well as the breathtaking landscape, which serves as a home for tea. Munnar offers many adventurous and rewarding walks, including the Idukki Forest Walk and Kannan Devan Hills.

Hit the beaches on the Arabian Sea

Although its beaches may not be openly known, Kerala offers a stunning coastline to embrace beach bums. Promising soft sand, Indian sunshine and a lot of character and atmosphere on the beach. Go to Kovalam for a party atmosphere, or relax at Marari Beach.

Head into the Periyar Jungle

Periyar is a far cry from the beach scenes on the Malabar coast, located in the midst of the Western Ghats and famous for its wonderful wildlife sanctuary. Jungle Walks are one of the most popular events on your Periyar journey, with many Asian elephants, great squirrels, numerous monkeys, and over 260 species of birds expected on good days.

Visit a rural village

Taking time to set foot on dry ground and to visit a traditional, rural village Kerala will experience the most simple and authentic of its landscape surrounded by rural landscapes explored by Kerala’s famous houseboat cruises. The learning of life in the backwaters is a humbling and rewarding experience, with a variety of possibilities for communication with villagers, and even the opportunity for eating a meal with local families.

Explore Fort Kochi

This historic city was named after the old Spice Road, with its lively port and the world-renowned Chinese fishing nets. Many signs of this heritage and grandeur are discovered today, the best way to do so through DIY or guided walks in Fort Kochi. From magnificent Portuguese churches to impressive colonial mansions, you will stumble through everything here.

Watch a Kathakali Show

After your day strolling and enjoying Fort Kochi’s heritage, add a touch of culture through a Kathakali show. The Kerala Kathakali Centre, with its unbelievable colour, makeup and costume, is one of the most famous places to take part in this cultural dance.

Go birdwatching in Kumarakom

Hundreds of bird species live in Kerala and are rapidly becoming one of India’s largest birding destinations. Even though you’re not a keen ‘twitcher,’ a bird watching experience can be a great way to enjoy the beauty of the countryside, nature and wilderness of Kerala. The Bird Sanctuary of Kumarakom is one of the best places to test your hand at bird watching and is home for egrets, harbours and fly captors, which are 14 acres of woodland and wetlands.

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