The Top 7 Islands of Paradise In Mauritius

The Top 7 Islands of Paradise In Mauritius


Mauritian Street Food is one of the world’s best foods – we said it there! The dishes offer intricate flavours, a unique mix of Creole, African, Indian and Chinese influences. A sumptuous (not well known) cuisine combines spices, colours and flavours. Where else would you find an Indian spice laced French bouillon?


Car rental is an option in Mauritius that is not very popular. Most tourists choose to travel in local drivers’ cabs. But if you’re a little bit adventurous, we’d suggest to rent a car. It’s a lot of fun to have. Nothing is comparable to a secret beach discovery or stumbling into a fantastic restaurant?

Just a word of precaution – don’t just depend on your GPS in Mauritius (except if you want a stray company rabbit in the sugarcane field!). Ask for directions – English is commonly understood and spoken, with Mauritians giving tourists guidance.

Try to rent a car to save money from the local Mauritian company. We rented a car at extremely competitive prices with Pingouin Car Rental. You can rent a low cost car for £25/day (including GPS) and get a flawless service.


Explore Mauritius’s hidden settlements and beaches once behind the wheel. Make sure that you drive along the southern coast of Mauritius – the best the island can offer is right up there. Think of black rocks, rough panoramas, waves crashing, windy surfing beaches and amazing landscape.

We promise that while you drive through rolling roads to the southern tip of the island at Gris Gris, you won’t forget the feeling of wind hitting your face.

You see tea collectors working on the sloppy road, plucking leaves rhythmically from bushes. The Bois Cheri Tea Plantations is magical indeed.

You can take a guided tour through the tea plantation if you are a tea enthusiast. Enjoy the amazing panoresque views of Mauritius and the extensive variety of teas on your menu at your terrace restaurant.


The first thing that one notices about the island are huge expanses of sugar cane fields. They seem to go for miles and provide the island with an amazing backdrop. In Mauritius, Sugarcane has a long history. The Dutch colonisers, popularised by the French, introduced it to the country and in the 19th century it was developed by the British in Mauritius as the main crop.

Be sure that while you are in Mauritius, you wander through a few sugarcane fields. In the narrow passages of sugarcane fields, it is easy to get lost with hundreds of swinging sugar cane plants. Better still, visit the sugar cane fields, L’Aventure Du Sucre. It gives an overview on the history and importance of sugar cane for the island. A range of sugars can be sampled here.


Every trip to Mauritius is marked by the people. They are warm, happy, friendly and helpful.

We stayed there for a week and we lost a count of the numbers when random foreigners helped us in the direction (haven’t we said that you should never trust GPS in Mauritius if you don’t go along the main roads?).

Random generosity examples are free tapas in restaurants and a cocoon vendor that refused money from us when he discovered that it was Our first trip to Mauritius. We went all over with big smiles.


There are many surprises in this little-known village in South Mauritius.

The geological oddity of the Colored Earth is the first to be listed. The purples, yellows, oranges and reds are combined to form a volcanic uniform surface. You can look stunned at natural wonders or enjoy a giant tortoise

There are several waterfalls and gorges along the drive to Chamarel. Make sure you stop for rough views of the mountainous area of Mauritius and walk to the viewpoints.


It is unfair to leave the beaches of Mauritius out of the list? The land has some of the world’s finest beaches – they are stupidly splendid. Nothing should be permitted to be so pretty, seriously.

The Belle Mare Beach, La Cuvette beach hidden to the north, and rugged southern beaches are some of our favourites, especially Le Morne. Le Morne is the place for you if you like kite surfing.

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