3 Australian Craft Spirits You Must Try

3 Australian Craft Spirits You Must Try

Australia has been producing first-rate craft alcohol for several decades, but in recent years, the industry has created a new culture in the drinking world. The business of craft spirits is rapidly expanding, adding up to AUD1 billion to the Australian economy. Traditional and modern distilleries appear both in regional centres and rural towns across the country. Be it rum, whisky, or gin, Aussies are going for one-of-a-kind and more sophisticated tastes that independent craft distilleries offer.

Thankfully, retailers have collected the best spirits from various distilleries under one roof. Just look up “spirit of the maker Australian craft spirits,” and you can easily browse quality, handcrafted liquor from Australia. There are many types of liquor to choose from in the craft spirit industry, and some of the most popular are discussed below.


Gin is usually characterized by a powerful aroma and a distinct juniper flavour. Australian gins are made from native botanicals, local ingredients, and a meticulous process of production. Botanicals are substances extracted from plants and often used as flavouring agents in various products, including spirits. Different parts of a plant can be used, including berries, seeds, roots, and some fruits.

The most popular botanicals in gin, besides the staple Juniper, are angelica root, orris root, liquorice, lemon, cardamom, and Cassia bark. Of course, crafters are not limited to these. Some crafters use lemon myrtle for a citrus flavour, the Tasmanian pepper berry for a little spice, and even add varieties of nuts. All in all, craft gins are one of the most sought-after spirits for their rich flavour.


By definition, vodka is usually flavourless. It was often overlooked in previous years by distilleries making full-flavoured spirits instead. Nonetheless, contemporary craft distilleries have come up with more options for the spirit. Some local distilleries use whey for the vodka’s organic base, while others combine vodka with Australian butter to produce a unique and exotic drink. These talented crafters put vodka on the centre stage of the drinking community.


A bestseller in the spirit of the maker Australian craft spirits, the time-honoured rum, sees the second rebellion in today’s drinking culture. Rum is Australia’s oldest spirit, but it is not exempt from reinventions of talented contemporary crafters.

Rum is distilled from sugarcane products, such as molasses, syrup, or juice. It is used to create various cocktails like mojito and daiquiri. Innovation in the craft spirit includes honeydew and hints of fig, making it better to be sipped neat. Other artisanal rums are aged in bourbon and sherry barrels, creating full-flavoured spirits with hints of tropical fruits and spices. Rum is a very versatile spirit, and crafters enjoy experimenting with it.

What makes Australian craft spirits unique?

People want local and native ingredients in their spirits; that’s why independent distilleries have become popular in recent years. Besides guaranteed freshness from their sources, spirit enthusiasts are curious about how their drink is made. They want to meet the makers and crafters to further connect with their genuine drinks.

Every spirit crafter starts with inspiration. It may be a particular aroma, a botanical herb, or another spirit. These inspirations often come from the place they live in. With Australia’s diverse landscapes and climate, unique ingredients are made available to every crafter in different regions. Pair these special ingredients with consistent production and passion for the craft, and distilleries are sure to produce delicious flavours that are uniquely Australian.

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