Uggs – The hottest thing in fashion right now

Uggs – The hottest thing in fashion right now


Uggs are all the rage now. Everyone from Hollywood celebrities to soccer moms can be found rocking a pair of uggs these days. Once known for their functionality, they have been reinvented as fashion statements in recent years. Ugg Boots or simply ‘uggs’ for starters are footwear made of sheepskin and fleece. The simple design of the original Ugg has been long gone. They have become canvases for designers and comes in all shapes and sizes.

From animal skin patterns to custom fringes and metal grommets, the choices are unlimited. Uggs are typically unisex footwear, but UGG for men, women, and children does exist.

A brief history of the UGG

Uggs have been around for a long time. Their exact origins, however, are not clear. Both the nations of Australia and New Zealand claim to be the birthplace of uggs. The origin of the name ‘ugg’ itself is up for contention. One theory talks about how it may have stemmed from fug boots. Fug boots were used by Australian pilots in world war I, and they may have been an abbreviation of ‘flying ugg boots’.

Another theory is about how a bootmaker who lived in the 1950s is behind the name. The claim is that he got the idea to name the boots uggs from her wife. She used to describe them as ugly, and the name ugg thus stuck. Whatever the actual origin may be, uggs were first popularised by the surfing scene of Australia and New Zealand in the 1960s. Their fleece-lined insides were perfect for the cold and numb feet of these surfers. They were soon adopted by surfers in other countries as well, which gave them mainstream recognition.

The making of the Ugg

Uggs are traditionally made from sheepskin with the fleece still attached. The fleece is lined inside the boot after it is tanned into the leather. The insides of the boot are soft and comfy for this reason. The sole is usually made of synthetic materials like EVA, which is resistant to the elements. Sheepskin possesses insulative qualities and therefore gives isothermal attributes to the boot. The fleece inside the boot can absorb moisture and allows the free flow of air. Such a mechanism provides warmth in cold conditions while producing a cooling effect in hot climates.

There are also different varieties of uggs. Other than the difference in design, they are also made in lace-up and pull-on varieties. The height of the overall shoe can also vary differently according to preference.

The Ugg as fashion

Uggs are also known for being sturdy. They can last for years even if they are worn every day. The functional attributes of uggs, however, are not the reason for their acclaim in fashion circles. They are more of a statement piece for those who consider themselves as trendsetters. They are comfy and functional but also go along with any attire. They would do great for a night out or an evening walk. They are formal enough to be worn to work and would do just fine in meetings and functions.

Popular designs don’t seem to last on shelves for long. Demand is very high on these designs that they are mostly always sold out. People looking for a certain design usually start early and won’t wait around for it to be sold out.


It is a known fact that UGG for men and women has been around for a long time. They have been successful in staying afloat in the competitive stage of numerous footwear designs and ideas. It is a worthy addition to any fashionista’s wardrobe for its unique qualities and unmatched styling potential.

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