3 Must-haves for Men in Fashion

3 Must-haves for Men in Fashion

Keeping up with fashion trends is a little tough and confusing. People don’t know what items are actually in the said trends.  Men, like women, also like dressing up and looking like polished and professional grown men. This article will mostly talk about the fashion must-haves for men. It will cover different types of shirts for men that every man should have in his closet. These are classic and timeless pieces that they don’t need to worry about getting out of trend. These pieces might seem basic but will surely elevate a whole look, especially when paired with the right accessories.

Types of men’s shirts

  • Oxford button-down shirt

The Oxford button-down shirt made its way to the fashion world in the late 19th century. John Brooks first created it in 1986. An oxford button-down shirt is made with a thick fabric and a button-down collar; hence, it is called a button-down shirt. It is a versatile type of shirt because men can wear this on different occasions – from casual to formal events. It is a long-sleeve shirt, but it is also folded into a three-fourths style to create a better and more polished look. It is a staple in a man’s wardrobe because they can wear it in many different setups – from the office to weddings to other formal events.

  • Polo shirt

Other forms of versatile shirts for men are polo shirts. These shirts are very stylish as well and easy to pair with other pieces of clothing. These are perfect for casual events. They look simple but elegant. Most polo shirts have short sleeves and are made with woven fabric. They are also similar to Oxford button-down shirts in a way that they both have collars and buttons. The only difference is Oxford button-down shirts have buttons throughout the vertical length of the shirt, while polo shirts’ buttons are only located on their upper part. These, too, are a must-have for men because of their versatility and stylishness.

  • Plain white T-shirt

A plain white shirt may be the most basic one, but it could be one of the best outfits that a man could wear when worn well. Every man’s wardrobe should have at least one plain white basic tee in it because they can never go wrong with it. This shirt is the easiest to wear and style. It could go with many bottoms and layered jackets, or men can wear it alone and let it stand out with the help of accessories like a gold necklace, ring, and watch. It is perfect for casual days, but they can also transform it into something more formal by layering on a formal suit or blazer. Adding a denim or leather jacket paired with trousers or pants and clean white sneakers is another way to add a little edge to the outfit. There are indeed endless ways to style and wear a basic shirt.


Some people think that just because women have a wider range of fashion pieces and accessories to use, it would be hard for men to create their style. But there are numerous ways to form a unique look for men. Must-have clothing pieces for men are oxford-button down shirts, polo shirts, and plain white tees. These versatile and breathable clothing pieces ensure the wearer feels comfortable but still look neat and polished.

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