3 Myths About Heart Health You Should Stop Believing

3 Myths About Heart Health You Should Stop Believing

According to the CDC, 1 in 5 deaths in 2021 was traced back to heart disease. Unsurprisingly, many myths are perpetuated because people are more susceptible to false information when there’s fear and a lack of awareness. Heart health is complex, but that doesn’t mean your knowledge must be fuzzy. Discover the three most common heart health myths for good and learn what you should do instead.

Myth #1: Cardiovascular Disease only Affect Older Adults

It’s no secret that being older predisposes you to cardiovascular diseases. According to the National Institution of Aging, being 65 and older does put you at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease than if you were younger. As one age, the heart system has cumulative wear and tear, making heart disease more likely. Yet, younger age isn’t enough to protect you from having heart issues. Believing that heart disease is exclusively linked to aging is a myth because it oversimplifies a complex problem. A better option is regular baseline checks with a cardiologist like Dr. Ian Weisberg and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Myth #2: You Should Reduce Physical Activity if you Have a Heart Issue

Many believe rest is the best approach for people with heart disease to avoid exertion. They may fear that engaging in physical activity will put additional strain on the heart and thus make the condition worse. Dr. Ian Weisberg recommends regular physical activity to maintain whole-body health. Lack of physical activity for people with heart disease could lead to blood clots and worsened physical condition. A good tip is to talk with your doctor about the best type of physical activity suitable for your condition. You can start with less intense physical activities such as moderate-pace walking and home dancing.

Myth #3: Supplements Are Enough to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Marketing and influencer information often makes people believe supplements are sufficient to keep their hearts healthy. If this assertion were true, supplements could be the simplest, most convenient way to keep your heart healthy. However, heart health is too complex to be fixed by one approach. According to Better Health, fiber, minerals, and micronutrients can indeed protect your heart from disease. The best way to get these nutrients is through a nutrient-rich diet with multiple nutrient sources. While supplements can offer some benefits, they can’t replace whole foods, which deliver much-needed nutrients.

Key Takeaway

Heart health is a complex issue, and the consequent high mortality associated with the disease doesn’t make things easier. It’s easy for false information to spread through fear, lack of awareness, and marketing information. The best strategy is to get your information from reputable sources. It’s also critical to be vigilant despite your age and gender because heart diseases can affect anyone.

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