4 Advantages of bifold closet doors

4 Advantages of bifold closet doors

bifold closet doors

A bifold closet door is a must in today’s contemporary houses. Moreover, this door functions as a pantry or closet door but can be installed in various additional applications. Convenient in limited spaces, bifold doors separate vast rooms and help in creating privacy. Besides, you can use them instead of sliding glass and French doors found in balconies and patios.


So, a bifold door is a kind of sliding or folding door constructed from various panels. It was formerly referred to as concertina door, as it attained its inspiration from a melodic instrument with a similar name. As the name means, it folds in and out of space.


One amazing feature of this door is that a person can mount it in internal and external places. Be it wardrobe, pantry, laundry room, or a commercial house; the door can be installed anywhere!

Therefore, the panel of this door is hinged together, making the bifold door easily slide on runners on the floor. Grateful for the many benefits of bifold doors, here are four advantages you can consider when purchasing these doors.

1. Many Options to Choose From

Bifold closet doors come in original materials like louvered, wood, mirror, and glass. It does not matter what bifold door you intend to purchase; there are style alternatives for everything. Whether you style your house with a contemporary flair or to buy a closet door that can be installed as a door or mirror, you have a vast assortment of choices at your disposal.


It is imperative to note that bifold doors can be used as a design factor or focal point in home décor.

2. Noble Choice on a Tight Budget

If you are remodeling on a budget or intending to beautify a room, closet doors are your perfect choice. They are inexpensive than hollow-core doors.

They also come in various materials, which are apt applications for closet doors when planning to save some money.


You can easily find the bifold doors in home good stores and hardware stores where they are sold at an affordable price and are long-lasting.

3. Design Your Own

Bifold doors are also easy to design and create. For instance, if you want a particular color, feel, look, design or have an idea, you can go to a home remodeling store and place a customized order. 

Bifold closet doors can be customized to fit the size and shape of your door. It does not matter how peculiar to a shape you think you have; a closet door can be designed and manufactured to fit your exact requirements. Order these doors in pairs.

4. Are Secure and Useful in Large Rooms

If your house is fitted with closets, which extend the room’s length, bifold doors are a great alternative. Installing these doors with extended narrow closets provides you with the capability to gain and reach access to every tiny turn of the closet. These doors not only offer significant functionality, but they have a fantastic look as well.

Also, you can quickly maximize the closet space in the house by installing closet doors.

Most closet doors consist of multi-point locking structures and an aligned tracking structure, making it impossible for a robber to door from its trail without removing the tracks. There are many available locks for the closet doors. For instance, keyed locks, drop bolts, childproof locks, and twin point locks are all available options to enhance the security of your exterior bifold doors.


The twin point includes a handle at the middle of the door and functions from the bottom and top. Keyed locks are used to increase security, and although drop bolts are bulky, they enhance security. However, they are not endorsed as the complete source of safety. You can slip childproof locks over the top of a door to ensure kids do not open it.

The Bottom Line

A bifold door is among the most sought-after doors in residential and commercial markets. It creates an excellent impression of additional space, natural lighting and provides you with a remarkable view of the world. For those that have never used bifold closet doors, it is not too late. You should indeed try mounting them in your home because they are worth your money and time.


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