5 Popular Jewellery markets in the United Kingdom

5 Popular Jewellery markets in the United Kingdom

Even though online websites and stores are taking over the real markets in the majority of things like clothes and cosmetics, certain items don’t lose their attraction of people like jewellery. Jewellery is an ornament that people don’t usually prefer buying online. And there are obvious reasons behind that, one is that the jewellery is a luxury item and people can’t afford any risk while making the purchase. Second most, the real beauty of the jewellery, its shine and looks cannot be captured in photos or videos. There are some great market places in the UK to buy jewellery, from which here are the most popular ones –

  1. Blue Nile – These shops are hard to beat. These places offer exactly what customers need including broad selection, low prices, etc. They use modern technology such as high-quality imagery and 360-degree selection tools. The Blue Nile was founded to make innovations in the engagement rings but it later started focusing on all the products since they didn’t want to disappoint any of their customers. Blue Nile has a local office in Ireland which makes it easier for their customer to make returns and take refunds and VAT.
  2. Hatton garden – Hatton Garden in London is the market place for jewellery which is popular in the entire world. All the jewellery bought from here has a different significance because the place has gained so much popularity and the engagement rings hatton garden are simply flawless. The pace has dozens of jewellery shops and each one having the best collection of jewellery. Basically, this place is simply known for its name and it deserves it right because the name value of this place didn’t skyrocket overnight, there must be good enough reasons for a place to be this famous for a particular thing.
  3. Brian Gavin Diamonds – These shops are especially known for super ideal cut diamonds. They are fifth-generation diamond cutters, they have expertise along with the expertise to create diamonds that have an increased amount of light return and spark. The majority of diamond grading laboratories fail to ensure the amount of precision it requires for grading diamonds and this is something Brian Gavin are good at.
  4. Abe Mor – If you have a budget of over $50,000, you can look for Abe Mor jewellery. Abe Mor is not just a mere business, the company is carrying the founder’s legacy by treating their customers with the same respect, care and personal attention. The name of the founder of this company was Abe Mor itself. The company is totally focused on raising its own customer services quality consistently.
  5. Leibish and co. – If you are someone into colourful gemstones, this place would be perfect for you. They offer you all sorts of colourful diamonds including yellow, pink, champagne, argyle and much more.

If you are someone who is most likely to get engaged in a few days or weeks, we suggest you to consider buying hatton gardens engagement rings because engagement rings are one-time purchase in a lifetime and it needs to be special. Let Hatton Garden jewellers take care of that.

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