6 Signs You Need to Call a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

6 Signs You Need to Call a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Should you contact a workers’ compensation attorney if you’ve suffered a workplace injury and face the prospect of time off work and physical therapy appointments?

Getting injured on the job is no laughing matter. And things will be even more severe if you can’t work, have no money coming in, and have to pay for treatment out of pocket.

With that in mind, here’s a look at six signs you need to get in touch with a reputable workers’ compensation lawyer sooner rather than later.

  1. You Get Injured on the Job

It’s a good idea to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer if you’re ever injured at work. You might not know the extent of the injury. But it’s in your best interest to consult a lawyer. Let your employer know about the injury as well so that there’s documentation supporting your claim.

  1. Your Employer Claims the Incident Didn’t Happen at Work

If you get injured at work and your employer or the insurance company disputes whether the incident occurred on the job, you’ll want to reach out to a workers’ compensation attorney. You can potentially avoid such disputes by reporting even the smallest injuries on the job. If you suffer what appears to be a minor injury and don’t report it to your employer, you might be in trouble if that minor injury worsens over time and causes you a great deal of grief.

Your employer or the insurance company might claim that your accident can’t clearly be connected to anything that happened on the job. It’ll be worth your while to get in touch with a workers’ comp lawyer who can advise you and explain the options on the table.

  1. Your Doctor Recommends Treatment — But the Insurer Won’t Cover it

Another reason to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer is if your doctor recommends treatment, but the insurance company digs in its heels and won’t pay for it. This scenario is far from uncommon. Insurance companies often dispute the need for treatment, and you may need a workers’ compensation lawyer to advocate on your behalf in such a situation.

  1. Your Company Moves at Snail’s Pace With Your Claim

When you want to get the compensation you deserve after a workplace accident, you won’t take kindly to your employer moving at a snail’s pace. You need your employer to give you the proper paperwork, report the workplace accident to the workers’ compensation board in your state, and file a claim with the insurer. If your company seems to be taking its sweet time, a workers’ compensation lawyer can help speed things along by intervening on your behalf.

  1. Insurance Company Rejects Your Claim

You’ll want a workers’ comp lawyer in your corner if the insurance company rejects your claim. It can be difficult to accept that an insurer wants to dismiss the pain and suffering you’re going through. But all is not lost if you have the right legal representation. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer will be able to launch an appeal and possibly get the rejection overturned.

  1. You Have a Preexisting Condition

It’s essential that you speak with a workers’ comp lawyer if you have a preexisting condition. Your employer or the insurer could say that your preexisting condition, rather than a workplace accident, is the cause of your pain and suffering. But your lawyer can help to build a strong case that connects the workplace injury with the ordeal you’re going through.

These are some of the situations where it makes sense to call a workers’ compensation attorney. A lot is at stake in such situations, so it’s essential that you get the right legal representation.

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