Florida Motorcycle Rules That Every Motorcyclist Should Know

Florida Motorcycle Rules That Every Motorcyclist Should Know

All the driving laws and rules must be acknowledged and kept under wise consideration in Florida. In contrast, regardless of where you’re driving, especially when it comes to riding a motorcycle, as in case of an accident, the injuries are severe and mostly death. So here are a few rules that must be known while riding a motorcycle in Florida. These Clearwater personal injury lawyers would be able to guide you in detail about the laws and rules that you should keep in mind apart from the broad categories discussed below.

Helmet Law:

Almost everyone knows you must wear a helmet for safety, but it is optional if you’re over 21. Still, you must at least have a minimum of ten thousand dollars in insurance for medical coverage if you ride a motorcycle without a helmet. However, if you’re not above 21, you must always wear a motorcycle helmet.

Eye Protection:

The approval of driving without a helmet must not be misunderstood with eye protection, and you must always wear glasses or goggles to cover your eyes. As it is not just about you, someone else safety is also on the line.

Motorcycle Endorsement:

When riding a motorcycle, a driving license is not enough. You must have special approval on your driving license if you drive a vehicle with less than two wheels. MSF’s course must be completed to obtain special approval for the license.

Mandatory Mirrors

To avoid any crash, a driver must be aware of the surrounding. So, it is a must that a vehicle, including a motorcycle, should have a mirror that supports a vision of around two hundred feet rear.

No Stunts

So, both the motorcycle wheels must be touching the ground, and any stunts like a wheelie, stoppie, etc., are not allowed.

Two Riders Per Lane

A single lane can only adjust two rider side by side, as a lane is not broad enough for more than two riders safely. Also, riding between two busy lanes is against the law. The motorcyclist has a right to use an entire lane, but cutting through them is not allowed.

Constantly on Headlights

Most motorcycle accidents occur when the driver is unaware of the upcoming rider. Therefore, it is compulsory for the headlights always to remain on as soon as the engine starts to increase the visibility to others on the road.

Passenger Rule

There must be a proper footrest and an extra seat if you want to travel with a passenger on the motorcycle. Without those, it will violate the law as both the rider and passenger will be endangered.

Care is better than cure; We must know that the law and rules are made to protect the people, and by practicing them, we are fulfilling our duty as a member of society. We must not treat them as an option and value the law if we expect others to follow them. By ignoring these, we are not just risking our own life but also putting others in harm’s way.

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