6 Ways Shopify Experts Can Help You Grow Your Business

6 Ways Shopify Experts Can Help You Grow Your Business

Are you invested in the Shopify platform and trying to make it work for your eCommerce store? When Shopify is the third largest eCommerce platform, that’s not surprising. It’s a great way for non-technical people to get started online and start selling sooner rather than later.

The question is, are you able to build a store that attracts customers?

Hiring Shopify experts is a great way to get a leg up if you’re struggling to gain traction with your Shopify store. Below are six benefits you’ll see when you hire a Shopify expert.

  1. Get a Great Design

Sure, you might be able to get away with a pre-made website template when you first start your Shopify store. However, you won’t be able to change it to completely meet your needs if you don’t have experience modifying Shopify templates.

Working with a certified Shopify expert gives you that ability. They know how to modify the small details of Shopify designs to make them look however you need.

Doing this will give you a unique design that’s different from the most popular themes. It will help your store stand out in a crowded market.

Another great benefit of having an expert design your website is getting it optimized for smaller screens. You can’t show mobile users a site designed for desktop screens. A Shopify expert will change your design to be responsive to give visitors with smaller screen sizes great experiences.

  1. Improve Your Conversion Rate

Your job with website design isn’t complete once you get a great-looking website. A great website design isn’t always enough to convince people to buy your products. You’ll need to tweak your site to help people make a buying decision to accomplish that goal.

Conversion rate optimization is how you accomplish this goal. It’s the process of making minor changes to your site to see what impact they have in increasing sales.

This process is data-driven, so you need to know what factors to change and how to measure the results. In most cases, business owners don’t have the time or expertise to handle this process themselves. Partnering with a Shopify marketing expert will give you the expertise you need to optimize your store conversions.

  1. Improve Your Marketing

While there are some marketing tactics that you can use on any website platform, you can use a few tricks that apply specifically to Shopify. The Shopify platform offers many features that allow you to improve your marketing efforts. The problem is knowing where to find those features.

Shopify marketing experts know how to take advantage of the Shopify platform to improve your marketing campaigns. They can add plugins to your website to improve your conversion rates and install tracking scripts to help figure out what marketing campaigns are working best.

Since Shopify experts can also change your design, they can also modify site elements that aren’t working well. Doing this will help your marketing campaigns convert more visitors to customers.

  1. Improve Your Search Engine Optimization

The great thing about running an eCommerce store is that you don’t always have to rely on paid traffic to send visitors to your store. Margins aren’t always great when you run an eCommerce brand. That’s why you need to reduce your cost per customer as much as you can.

That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) helps. SEO is the process of optimizing your website to appear high on the Google search results.

The place to start this process is your meta information. Your meta information includes your page title and description. Optimizing these things will help Google understand what each page on your site is about.

From there, you can optimize the website structure on your site. You can add structured data elements to help Google more efficiently process your site and take advantage of advanced search features to help your site stand out on the search results.

  1. Improve Your Page Performance

A great-looking website isn’t the only thing your visitors look for when they land on your website. The chances are good that people don’t want to wait long for images to load on your store. If things take too long to load, people will head back to where they came from and find one of your competitors.

The problem is that not all of your visitors will come from high-speed connections. People don’t only browse the internet from their home computers anymore. You’ll see a good portion of your visitors come from mobile devices now.

That means you’ll need to optimize your site performance to work well on mobile internet connections. Shopify experts can track down the things that are slowing down your site and make changes to speed up your website’s response time.

  1. Get Copywriting Help

The words you type on your website play an important role in your visitors’ perception of your brand and products. If you use the wrong words, you’ll reduce the chances of people becoming customers.

That’s what copywriting is for. Copywriting is the process of crafting website copy that appeals to your target customers. It’s much different than typical blog posts where you’re trying to inform your readers about a problem.

You can hire a Shopify expert who’s expert at copywriting to improve your website’s copy. When you optimize what your readers read, you’ll have an easier time converting them to customers.

Look for Shopify Experts to Help Grow Your Store Today

It’s easier than ever to start a store online, so you have a lot more competition than you would in the past. You can’t afford not to do everything you can to optimize your store for success. Get in touch with Shopify experts today to learn how you can make it happen.

Once you optimize your Shopify store, you have what you need to ramp up your marketing efforts. Head back to the blog to learn more marketing tips that will help you take advantage of your improved store.

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