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Outdoor Signs: How to Make One for Business

These days, businesses are mainly focused on digital marketing.

It’s all “banner ads” this and “animation” that.

While promoting your business online is important, branding and marketing on location should not be overlooked. This is where outdoor signage comes in. Keep reading for all the info you’ll need on how to choose the right outdoor signs for your business.

Why Do You Need Outdoor Signs?

Good outdoor signage is important in attracting customers. Outdoor signs just make the consumer search easier and more comfortable. If a business is difficult to locate, it’s likely that customers will get tired and go elsewhere.

Having a well-designed outdoor sign can also be a good way to establish your brand’s identity in the outdoor space. Plus, professional-looking outdoor signs are also more likely to instill consumer trust.

Think about it, would you rather go to a hardware store with a well-designed sign detailing important information about the store? Or would you trust a business with a small, faded sign that barely gives any information at all? Good signage means that people are more likely to trust your business.

What Makes a Good Sign? 

As we’ve already mentioned, good ​​business outdoor sign design is a must. This might involve using clear fonts and eye-catching colors that are easy to read for passers-by.

Sign location is also important to consider. If your business is on a busy road, do some research into the location where your sign will be the easiest to read. Consider putting your outdoor sign in an area where cars are slowing down, like next to a traffic light.

A good sign also has just the right amount of information for consumers to take in. Too much detail and your sign will be crowded and difficult to read. Too little detail and consumers might not know what your sign is referring to!

Depending on the type of outdoor sign you choose, the name of the business and its logo might be just enough. Think about the essential information you want consumers to know – this might be contact details, opening hours, or more detail on services and products – and go from there.

What Outdoor Sign Types Are Right for Me?

The answer to this question will depend entirely on your type of business. Smaller businesses may not need elaborate or large signage if they are easy to locate. These businesses may want to invest in window signage or slightly smaller wall signs.

If you’re looking to attract pedestrian traffic, sidewalk signs are your best bet. These are signs that are mounted on street poles or next to sidewalks. They are often framed and the signage inside can be easily changed to suit different needs.

One of the most popular types of outdoor signage is the pylon sign. Pylon signs are freestanding signs that are usually mounted on two poles. Pylon sign designs vary, and you have the option of illuminating your sign with LED so that it’s even effective at night.

Pylon signs are considered the most effective way to promote your business and work well in all environments.

Sign Me Up!

Outdoor signs form an essential part of your business and brand identity. Making the right one can be tricky. As long as you put some thought into your sign’s design, location, and information, choosing the right type of outdoor sign should be a breeze.

You might think you’ve got the lowdown on effective marketing for your business, but marketing trends move fast. Make sure you check out our digital marketing section to stay up to date!

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