All about Masonic gloves

All about Masonic gloves

A Freemason member was given a pair of Masonic gloves once. The works of the hands we’re given in the motive to teach him that acts of being a mason should be as pure as white. The gloves symbolism is modified by the apron, which means the symbolism purity of the heart as well as Cleanliness and purity of the hands. Freemasons used Freemason gloves. They contain the freemason emblem of the square. At the same time, some do not include the freemason emblem of the square. It is because some jurisdictions do not permit markings on Masonic gloves. The symbolism of freemason gloves is similar to the symbolism of freemason aprons. All the Masons wear gloves. The evidence also shows that Masons were given gloves to protect their hands from lime and stone. In many pictures of history, Masons were presented with gloves worn by them. Other proof shows that Masons wear gloves to protect their hands from the effect of their work.

About freemason gloves

White Freemason gloves are spotless. The works of a man’s hands symbolize that the works done by a man’s hand must be as pure and as spotless as the gloves. The white apron signifies the “pure heart”. The Masonic gloves refer to the “clean hands. Both white apron and white gloves indicate the message of purity. So, they refer to the purification of life. In ancient times into the sacred mysteries, ablution was symbolized as purification. All most all American and English Lodges give more preference to the white than to the white gloves. In the early past, white gloves were more important.

The washing of hands was a sign of internal purification darts. A pure hand signifies pure actions. At the same time, unwashed hands signify injustice to the human being. According to the traditional practice, European countries like Germany, France, and some other countries of a newly freemason is given two pairs of white kids gloves. One is given to be used by him. Another one is given for his wife or his girlfriend or partner or for the female he likes. Now Masonic Gloves are not presented or worn in England and America. But white gloves are still being worn to some ceremonies. In many lodges, the members dress appropriately by wearing their white aprons and white gloves.

Washing of Hands, Ecclesiastical Gloves, and White Gloves-

The washing of the hands is a sign of purity that was taken strictly by the ancients. It is still taken seriously today in some religions. In those days, no one prayed to the gods until they had washed their hands. The washing of hands was done to signify purity from criminal things or crimes. It symbolized qualification of purity from those who wanted to be admitted to the secret rites. This was commonly practiced among the Jews.

When Jews shouted at Jesus that he should be crucified, the Pilate stood before the people, took water and washed his hands. By this time, he was telling them that he was washing his hands, and this indicated that he was not guilty and was innocent of the blood of Jesus. During ancient times, priests, bishops, and some other clergymen wear gloves while performing ecclesiastical functions. The gloves were made of linen and always of white colour as white symbolize purity. The white color gloves indicate purity and innocence. It means that the hands were kept free from impurity and clean.

Purity of White Gloves-

It can be said that gloves have been worn traditionally, and Masonic gloves were worn for such traditions. Masonic gloves indicate pureness. Builders visited the companies in various places in Europe. Masons used to be actively involved in the construction of palaces and cathedrals. It is from Masons that the Masonry name, languages, traditions and other things came into. It is from them that the Masonic gloves also came to be.


The tradition of wearing gloves was then passed on to the other Masons. Thus, gloves were worn by Freemasons. Freemasons are the symbol of a higher and glorious purpose and, above all, Purity. Many proofs say that Masons wear gloves to protect their hands.

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