All You Need To Learn About Property Condition Assessment

All You Need To Learn About Property Condition Assessment

Otherwise known as a property condition report, a property condition assessment can be defined as a home inspection process that is carried out before a sale of a house is made. There are no hard & fast rules when it comes to a property condition assessment test, which is why you can compare the same to a home inspection process.

You must remember that engineering firms, commercial inspectors and consulting firms may have their own methods of conducting such an inspection process. However, it should be realised that a property condition assessment procedure is much less comprehensive than a regular commercial building inspection.

Knowing The Basics

Professional home inspection in Montreal states that the primary starting point of such an assessment should be the client. The inspector should always create a baseline for the services that will be provided, while also asking about the client’s expectations so that the client will not be disappointed after the inspection has been completed.

Even though there are no legal requirements for such a procedure, creating a baseline for the services to be provided will make the procedure easier for the inspector.

The Services That Are Included In Property Condition Assessment

The minimum criteria that should be fulfilled when performing a property condition assessment is by first walking the entirety of the property and thereby making notes on the overall condition of the systems, structures and land. Moreover, any improvements that might be necessary or have been done will also be noted down.

Any access to records by the homeowner, including receipts of any equipment installation or work completed, will also be noted. Such a procedure will help the inspector to accurately predict the overall lifespan of the said systems or equipment. Furthermore, in case any replacements need to be made, the cost of the same will also be realised.

There will be times when a detailed report might be required by the buyer, including the expenses that might be incurred throughout the overall timeline of the house loan. That means, if the buyer opts for a ten-year home loan, then the inspector has to mention or list all the various maintenance costs that might be incurred throughout those ten years. The list will not be conclusive or exhaustive, and will only be an assumption.

On the other hand, in the short term, the inspector needs to check the condition of the roof and thereby realise the amount of time it can be expected to last. The same can be said for the exterior of the home, the parking lot, the surrounding landscape and so on. Another outdoor consideration that needs to be made is the drainage system.

Therefore, if you’re on the lookout for a highly professional as well as a reliable home inspector for your inspection needs, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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