How To Inspect Masonry & Brick Veneers?

How To Inspect Masonry & Brick Veneers?

As a buyer, when you carry out an inspection for the house that you’re planning to purchase, by hiring a home inspector, you want the structure to be as rigid & strong as possible. Even though brick and masonry have been proved to be strong over multiple decades, you still need to ensure that the brickwork hasn’t lost its integrity.

So, how do you check the overall integrity of your masonry & brick veneers? Well, let’s find out in this extensive guide, created in collaboration with a home inspection in Ajax ON services.

The Ways Through Which You Can Inspect Brick & Masonry

  1. The Evaluation Of Cracks

The actual reality is that – cracks are almost unavoidable in masonry & bricks. It’s quite normal and there’s very less you can do about the same. However, you must remember that some cracks tend to be much more serious than others.

For example, if you proceed to notice a crack that’s more than 1/8 inch, which is spanning across multiple layers of bricks, then it can pose a serious problem especially when it comes to the structural integrity of the house.

When cracks as big as mentioned above, tend to appear, they can easily let moisture inside the brick & masonry structure, thereby weakening the overall integrity. As a result, the walls of the house will get degraded very quickly.

Moments like these are when certified home inspectors can help you not only to notice such issues but also suggest the ideal repairs for the same so that you can experience peace of mind.

  1. The Secondary Signs

When you proceed to detect cracks in the brickwork of a house and not sure whether the same will be problematic in the future, you need to look out for any secondary signs.

One of the major secondary signs includes minimal shifting of the foundation. Any shift in the foundation of the house can lead to crooked doors, windows, bulging of brick walls and the like.

  1. The Inspection Of Brick Veneers

Veneers are generally built to provide an aesthetic appearance to the house. Therefore, when you’re inspecting brick veneers with the help of your home inspector, you need to exercise extreme caution.

You can expect to notice cracks here and there, but if you find any loose sections of the wall, then it’s recommended that you get the same repaired, as soon as possible. Even if the loose sections of the wall are not dangerous to the entire house structure, it should be taken care of.

Having said that, we offer highly specialized home inspections services for all our customers. So, if you ever need our help, just give us a call.

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