Artificial Grass Installation in Dubai

Artificial Grass Installation in Dubai

PVC vinyl flooring is undoubtedly the best artificial grass Dubai providers worldwide with top turf installers in UAE. The cost-effectiveness of installation makes it a popular choice for most home owners. Its water-resistant nature helps to conserve resources during the construction and its strength ensures that it can withstand the pressure from heavy machinery used for installing it. PVC vinyl is widely used as a substitute for natural grass due to its low maintenance requirement, attractive appearance and environmental friendliness. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, in commercial and residential properties alike.

A variety of patios, decks, pools and exterior areas are adorned with artificial turf throughout the city

This is especially useful for the hotels and other hospitality companies as they do not have to bear expenses for maintaining and reinstalling artificial grass. Since PVC vinyl flooring is very easy to install, contractors can complete the job within an allotted time and at a much lower cost compared to hiring the services of an expert. A typical contractor would charge approximately 10 % of the total area to install a turf including laying down the planks. This proves to be quite cost-effective, as well as convenient. Most Dubai residents prefer this kind of artificial turf on their balconies and verandas due to its aesthetic appeal as well as durability.

An increasing number of real estate developers have started including artificial turf as part of their overall project management strategies. An expert team of contractors would oversee the entire process from laying the turf to its application and maintenance. An additional benefit of installing artificial grass Dubai providers is that the system is easy to maintain and has a long life span. Unlike natural grass, which needs to be replaced frequently, artificial turf requires minimum maintenance. Some Dubai suppliers offer maintenance packages at a very low cost and this is a great advantage for tenants renting apartments or luxury villas.

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, artificial grass installation in Dubai also offers some other benefits

The system reduces the risks of developing sports injuries and knee pains. With the absence of the natural grass, traffic accidents in the area are significantly reduced. For office premises, it enhances the productivity by reducing the risk of slipping on the wet ground. Apart from these, it also provides relief to people using the area by eliminating the risk of dehydration and heat exhaustion.

The Dubai government has recognized the importance of incorporating artificial turf into the city’s public spaces. The system has been implemented in schools, businesses, parks and even Dubai airport. Although there is a huge demand for this type of turf throughout the world, the Dubai authorities are aggressively seeking to make the most of the situation and supply only the highest quality of synthetic grass.

There are many artificial grass Dubai manufacturers and suppliers

They can be reached through companies that supply the turf or companies that provide services related to artificial turf. The latter include installation, maintenance and cleaning companies.

It is important to ascertain the source of the materials used for installing artificial grass in Dubai. Although most suppliers advertise ‘machine made’ or ‘homemade’ artificial grass, it is advisable to verify the origin of the materials used to ensure quality and longevity of the turf. It is also important to confirm that the turf is safe and durable in the long run.


Another way of ensuring the quality of artificial grass Dubai is to ensure that the installation is done by skilled and certified professionals. Companies involved in the construction or installation of artificial grass in Dubai should have been associated with a number of prestigious institutions. They should have accredited logos and they should be associated with leading institutes and institutions throughout the world. Research should be carried out to ensure that there is no adverse effects caused due to the presence of synthetic grass. Since the Dubai government has started banning all foreign companies from installing and using artificial grass, only those companies that have permission from the emirate government to do so are allowed to install the grass at government-owned properties. The use of the turf in schools, hotels and commercial complexes is strictly regulated.

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