Benefits of Using JIRA Software

Benefits of Using JIRA Software

What is JIRA?

JIRA is basically a project management software that initially started as an issue tracking platform for software developers. Currently, it is available in three separate packages:

  • JIRA Core: It is the very basic JIRA project management platform
  • JIRA Software: This package has all the functions of JIRA Core along with the additional Agile functionality.
  • JIRA Service Desk: This package is specially meant for IT professionals or other forms of service desks.

Wondering about the benefits associated with JIRA workflows? You have landed in the right place. Continue reading to find them out.

Benefits of JIRA

●       Supports roadmap requirements

JIRA software has tools that let the users sketch out the big picture easily while communicating plans and connecting the bigger project roadmap to the team’s everyday tasks. It will let teams roll up their work to the bigger objectives, track the big picture, get ahead of the dependencies as well as create a plan keeping the team capacity in mind.

●       More productivity

As you might know when you create tasks in JRA a list automatically generates which helps the developers to see the next task which they have to work upon. In a situation when JIRA is not used, the manual listing can bring up the software in the downtime, thereby creating a lot of pressure on the development and testing teams. High productivity is a need and desire of every organization and JIRA is helping teams achieve that.

●       User-Adoption

Another major advantage of using JIRA is its ease of use. Even a person who does not have much technical knowledge can use it. Owing to its user-friendly interface, a user is more likely to adopt JIRA as compared to other software tools available in the market.

The user interface of JIRA is simple to use and understand. In addition to that, it offers a wide range of documentation and support forums. This makes it convenient for teams to use and learn JIRA. There are various tutorials offered by JIRA so that the companies can understand the working behind the software while using it in their projects.

●       Better visibility

A major reason behind the slowing down of a project, not just in the software world but also in other areas of life, is a lack of clear and open visibility as to what tasks need to be done and what is their deadline.

JIRA successfully eliminates this problem by connecting the software teams. Now, all the team members can update one another in real-time as to what tasks are completed and what are pending.

This, in turn, will help all the team members to know exactly what stage a project is standing at. When you have a clear picture of the project progress, you can focus on completing it at the quickest and in the most efficient way possible.

Wrapping up

Without any doubt, JIRA can offer several benefits for Agile teams by improving their productivity and efficiency. There are many more benefits associated with JIRA other than the ones mentioned above. It’s a must-try tool!

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