Best Instagram Tips and Tricks Your Fashion Brand Must Follow

Instagram has over 400 million active users every month, which has piqued the attention of customers in the fashion industry. You can share photos and videos of your fashion garments, accessories, and more through this visual social app. These days, many fashion businesses, big and small, use Instagram to promote their brand and products.  You too can reach out to your followers and potential customers with your brand images, messages, deals, promotions, partnership announcements, and lucrative offers. If you want to follow some fashion Instagram accounts, you can do that as well. According to an article published in Huffington Post, you can follow Conde Nasty, where you will find endless vintage photos of Bianca Jagger, Grace Jones, and more.

When you learn more about IG marketing, you will become an expert on the same. Here are some of the best tips to follow if you want to make your fashion brand pop:

Use the best, creative content

You can post photos and videos of vintage apparel if your business deals with the same. Make sure your content is stunning to gain Instagram real likes. Even if you start small, it does not matter.

Did you know there are 98 percent of luxury fashion brands on IG? Therefore, how do you expect to make your business stand out amongst them? You need to make your Instagram page and content unique. Share nothing but the best content that is visually stunning. It will help in building user engagement and followers. Let us explain this point with the help of an example.

For instance, Dior is a popular fashion brand with innumerable Instagram followers. They have images and posts of the world’s most influential and popular celebs including Johnny Depp, Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence, and more. The brand connects with its fans and followers successfully by sharing video interviews with top fashion designers such as Raf Simons. Dior also posts some behind-the-scenes images.

Upholdyour fashion brand image

No matter whether your business is small or big, it needs to build an image. Your customers should look at your ads and aptly recognize that what kind of business you have. Your Instagram content should reflect your brand vision, persona, essence, and value. All of these aspects must be evident in your IG posts.

Let us cite an example for you. For instance, if you look at the Australian activewear business Lorna Jane, what do you notice? The brand’s IG images include happy and bright photos displaying the brand’s apparel as well as accessories. If you look at their IG visuals, their brand message is clear. It tells you to stay active and do that in style. Their IG content targets active women in the age group of the 20s and 30s.

Make sure your brand content is consistent when it comes to your fashion business tone and message. For example, you can use a consistent color scheme in all your branded content on Instagram and ads. Powerful branding and consistency will make your fashion brand pop.

Focus on paid IG ads

You can pick from three key formats if you want to use Instagram ads. These include image ads, video ads, as well as, IG carousel ads. When it comes to image and video ads, they mean standard IG posts, however, show up natively in the users’ Instagram feeds, no matter these users are following your brand page or not. Carousel ads are like image ads, letting customers swipe to view more images.

You can reap many benefits by using paid Instagram ads. They are:

  • IG paid ads help to make your call-to-actions (CTAs) more effective and smooth. The CTAs will help users to land on a web page and boost the installation of apps.
  • IG ads are paired with a clickable feature ‘Learn More’, thus bypassing the odd option ‘Click the link in my IG bio’.
  • IG ads improve brand awareness and publicity
  • Paid ads mean a command over customer scope as well as frequency

Make the best use of IG hashtags

You cannot ignore hashtags when you are marketing your fashion brand on Instagram. These hashtags help your followers and prospects to look for ideas and topics on the social app. When you integrate hashtags into your IG captions, you allow anyone looking for one of those hashtags you used in your social media post. It helps in widening the reach of every IG post beyond your current followers or audiences.

For example, when your business specializes in winter wear, you need to use relevant hashtags that attract people to search for products like #winter, #woollensweater, #warmclothes, and related ones. You need to use IG hashtags strategically. All you need to do is research the trending or popular hashtags that are relevant to your fashion brand. You can look up IIgers if you would like to learn more about hashtag use.

Reap the benefits out of CTAs

If you think that creating an Instagram page and sharing content will help you, you are mistaken. Your audience should what your business is about, where to shop for your products and learn more about your fashion business. You cannot integrate a clickable in the caption and tell your followers to click the URL in your Instagram bio. That is why you need to include a CTA telling your audience to shop or learning more about your fashion garments. Besides including the URL of your fashion business, make sure you add a short description of your business.

Share content frequently

The more frequently you share Instagram content, the more is customer engagement. Many brands are following this strategy and reaping the maximum benefits out of the same. If you post more stunning content each week, your engagement rate will soar. You will gain more likes, comments, and followers.


Today, Instagram is the requirement of all fashion brands, big and small. The social app is extremely popular and therefore, you should use it strategically to reach out to more followers. Focus on the tips and tricks in this article to boost brand awareness.

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