Hollywood Celebrity accounts on Instagram that you cannot fail to follow

Hollywood Celebrity accounts on Instagram that you cannot fail to follow

Many people use social media platforms to promote their businesses, while others use them to make the online community a part of their life. Such a photo-sharing platform has enabled people to share important events of their life with the world. Instagram is one of the most powerful web networks where celebrities exert their influence on users globally. Millions of stars share pictures and videos on their favorite social media platform for the world. In addition, users around the world get a sneak peek of celebrity families and their personal life.

Among several social media networks, Instagram continues to be trending when it comes to celebrities. While there are millions of users on this exciting social network, many run celebrity pages to share pictures and videos of their favorite stars. However, amidst a pool of social media platforms, the most used one is Instagram, through which people get to see a glimpse of your real life.

The most appealing feature of this social media network is that it allows you to follow your favorite Hollywood stars as they post pictures and behind the scene moments of themselves and their team. Hollywood celebrities have accumulated millions of followers all over the world. By sharing edited photos, and Boomerangs, they set up a trend on social media that most people follow.

Hollywood fans “go gaga” over their Instagram feed when they see it flourishing with mind-blowing pictures and videos of their favorite star. Instagram has given a chance to Hollywood actors to ace their game with such a trending platform. As a result, most celebrities have a huge fan following, thereby making lives easy for their enthusiastic followers.

Here are a few Hollywood stars that have made their way through social media popularity


Such celebrities are in the limelight with millions of followers on their account:


Kevin Hart

Kevin is a successful comedian who embarked on his journey as an actor and made everyone laugh with his humor. Hart has over 60 million followers on Instagram, which encompasses a pool of humorous skits with the Hollywood star, Dwayne Johnson. His funny videos have invoked self-deprecation, thereby enhancing his reputation. He acquired millions of followers on Instagram after releasing his first album. Kevin has received a lot of appreciation for his Instagram posts that showcase him as a black man. Kevin Hart has received likes for anything and everything he posts, ranging from his clothes to his cars.

Dwayne Johnson

One of the leading actors of Bollywood has around 200 million followers on Instagram and has a username; The Rock. Johnson has also worked as a professional wrestler besides being an actor. Glimpses of an explicit performance on Instagram has won many hearts and helped him buy likes and commentson his social media. Dwayne Johnson acquired mainstream recognition through his performance in wrestling. He has capitalized on millions of followers with his presence on such a photo-sharing platform. Dwayne hit another milestone in his career by becoming a producer in Hollywood movies and has acquired more followers than any other American man.

Dwayne Johnson, commonly known as The Rock, is a father of three children and is known for posting consistently on Instagram, allowing him his family life and fitness routine. He also posts promotional videos and allows his fans to glance at his work life in the world of entertainment. In addition, Johnson became known for inspiring people with his motivational messages and quotations. Johnson has a fan following of 200 million on Instagram and is among the top twenty most-followed accounts.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty

This Hollywood star, commonly known as Rihanna, has a significant worldwide appeal with around 90 million followers on Instagram. Rihanna is known for her talent in music and has tried her hand in acting. She is a renowned singer with a large fan base on most social media platforms. People worldwide are aware of Rihanna’s existence as she is a ruling celebrity in the music industry. Rihanna shares her glamorous and sassy pictures, which encompass her beauty and makeup, making her fans drool over her posts. In addition, she stays popular for her influential posts and hashtags.

Mark Sinclair

Fondly known by his stage name Vin Diesel this American producer-director and actor have captured many hearts with his overwhelming performances. He has worked in “The Fast and the Furious” film series and gained the limelight with stunning performances and excellent acting skills. In addition, his handsome looks captivate people and provide him more than 70 million followers on Instagram. Vin Diesel flourishes your news feed with a series of videos and photographs that make people go weak on their knees due to his handsome looks.

Bella Thorne

Bella is an American model and actress who has acquired name and fame at a very young age. The 20-year-old model is also an actor and a singer, draped in popularity as she redefines her life. Bella has conquered Instagram with more than 20 million followers and attracts many users with her unique style and makeup. She is also known for her boldness and extraordinary talent.

A look at their posts will give you an idea about why they are popular.

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