Common Misconceptions about Hurricane Windows

Common Misconceptions about Hurricane Windows

If you live in Florida, you know the yearly visitor in the form of a hurricane and its deadly impact on houses. This is why almost every house in the sunshine state has some type of hurricane protection. While these cannot stop hurricanes (sadly), they can protect your house from severe destruction for the most part. However, not many people are not aware of these things, especially hurricane windows in Miami have so many myths surrounding them. Here are four such misconceptions busted. 

Hurricane windows are only good for hurricanes

Perhaps the biggest misconception about hurricane windows, owing to its name, is that they are good against only hurricanes. This leads to many thinking, “Why get windows when I can invest in shutters?” While getting windows is not compulsory, it is essential that you know that these windows can reduce your energy bills with increased insulation. Moreover, they can be a great deterrent against burglars, as they cannot break-in.

These windows are just for the looks

Sure, hurricane windows look amazing. However, their purpose goes beyond aesthetics. Their primary purpose is to protect your house and you from storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. In fact, they offer permanent protection from these hazards. Moreover, they keep you safe from burglars. These don’t crack or break even when subjected to winds of 200 miles an hour. When you get all these features, the aesthetic value simple seems like a cherry on top.

Impact windows are all the same

Yet another mistake that many make is thinking that all impact windows are the same. You may have a DP50 window of high quality that can withstand strong stormy winds. However, no window is suitable for a hurricane unless it comes with an impact rate. Furthermore, even within hurricane windows, there are several different types, which differ based on the material used in it. Therefore, always read the fine print before buying a hurricane window. 

Hurricane windows are big and clunky

Lastly, it is a common belief that hurricane windows are big and clunky. However, this is wrong, and one look at them will tell you the same. As said in the second myth, hurricane windows are a good-looking bunch. When driving by, you will not even see the difference between these and regular windows. Hurricane windows prove that you don’t need to be clunky to be tough against projectiles.


Misconception and misinformation is the root of problems in society. When it comes to hurricane windows, these myths can cost dearly when the storm hits. These protective materials offer great protection to your house and not just for the hurricane. While they look great, they are more than just the beautiful exterior. 

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