5 Great Home Plumbing Projects for Every DIY-er

5 Great Home Plumbing Projects for Every DIY-er

Handyman service in Calgary is handy for many house owners. However, we all know that there comes a time when the repairman could just not make it on time. This is where DIY-ers (do-it-yourselfers) thrive with their resourcefulness. You will be surprised just how much money you can save when you do a repair yourself. What is even more surprising is the ease with which you can do this. So, without further ado, here are five plumbing projects that any DIY-er can do. 

Insulating the hot water pipes

Insulating hot water pipes is a practice that helps you save water each time you use your heater, as the waiting time for the hot water is reduced. All you need are some foam pipe sleeves, duct tape, and a utility knife. Wrap the foam around the pipe and close the seams with the duct tape. Voila!

Replacing a broken pipe

The first step for dealing with a broken plumbing pipe is to not panic and find the shut-off valve. Once the water supply is stopped temporarily, you can now replace the pipe. Cut both sides of the damaged copper pipe and smoothen the edges. Fix the PEX pipe with a push-fit connector and connect the supply lines, and you’re done. 

Replacing a showerhead

You can do this by hand with ease. Simply turn the showerhead out counterclockwise. Use channel lock pliers if you can’t do it with bare hands. Around the discharge pipe, apply some Teflon tape and then place the new shower head and fix it in place. Check if the connection is right by turning it on.

Fixing the water pressure

Whether or not you need to hurry up that shower, low water pressure can be a headache. Fortunately, it is easy enough to fix. You can either replace the showerhead, as described above or clean the current one with vinegar to lose the sediments clogging the holes.

Caulk the tub and seal the drain

Who likes a leaky tub or a dirty tub caulks? No one. Fortunately, these two can be solved in one go. Use pliers and screwdrivers to remove the tub drain and place the plumber’s putty inside and turn the drain back in place. Now, with a putty knife, scrape away the old caulk (which you had soaked overnight with a caulk remover solution). Make sure the area is clean, and then apply painter’s tape on both sides and caulk it.


Not all DIY-ers can do every DIY project, especially plumbing. However, the five mentioned above are fairly simple, and beginners and intermediate DIY-ers can easily do these. That said, make sure you have the necessary knowledge and skill before you start, or you’re going to have an expensive repair in your hands. 

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