Common Mistakes to avoid while preparing for GATE ECE Exam

Common Mistakes to avoid while preparing for GATE ECE Exam

GATE is one of the toughest engineering entrance exams but if the preparation is done with the right strategy then the aspirants can crack the exam in one attempt. Electronics and Communication Engineering is one of the popular engineering disciplines offering ample opportunities in the future. This is one of the major reasons why a large number of candidates apply for M.Tech admission with the specialization in Electronics and Communication through the GATE score but only a tiny fraction would crack it. Candidates can also apply for PSU recruitment for the various entry-level profiles through the GATE scorecard. 

Around nine lakh applications will be appearing for the exam with the aim to achieve a high score in the exam and this will raise the level of the competition which makes it tough to ace the exam. The best approach to crack the GATE EC exam is to plan an effective preparation strategy and follow it to qualify in the exam with a high rank. Candidates may commit a few mistakes during the preparation. Hence, we have come up with this article to provide a concrete solution to the mistakes made by the candidates during the GATE EC preparation.

Referring Too Many Books

One of the most common mistakes the candidates often make while preparing for the GATE EC exam is that they refer to too many books for one section asked in the exam. This often leads to confusion as the concepts are explained differently in different books. Therefore, candidates are advised to follow limited books while clearing the basic concepts of each topic. The chances of scoring high marks are increased if the candidates are preparing from the right study material based on the latest syllabus and exam pattern. Aspirants are advised to select only those preparation books which have high ratings and excellent feedback from other candidates and toppers as switching books in between the preparation can create confusion on the concepts.

Not Practicing Previous Year Question Paper

Practice is one of the important aspects of scoring a high rank in the GATE EC exam. Regular practice from sample papers and previous year question papers will help the candidates in getting familiar with the different levels of the questions. Download previous year’s papers of the past 10 years from authentic websites and solve them on a daily basis. After solving the paper with the time, match the marked response with the official GATE EC Answer Key and determine the score. This will help in identifying the strong and weak areas and analyzing the overall preparation level. In addition to this, the candidates will also be able to discover their own style of different types of questions with confidence.

No Familiarity with the Syllabus

Skipping syllabus is one of the biggest mistakes candidates commit during the preparation. One should understand the syllabus thoroughly to identify the difference between relevant chapters and irrelevant chapters. If the candidates are not familiar with the syllabus then they may study irrelevant topics that are never asked in the GATE EC exam which will waste their time and effort and will affect their overall performance in the exam. Thus, the candidates should download the GATE EC Syllabus from the official website and plan the preparation strategy accordingly for the upcoming exam.

Not Maintaining Short Notes

While preparing for any topic relevant to the syllabus, it is important for the candidates to maintain short notes down alongside important concepts and formulas for quick revision. By doing this, they will be able to revise the important points again and save their time without going through the entire topic. Therefore, it is advised to revise the short notes two to three times a week to reduce the chances of forgetting any important concept due to the vast syllabus of the GATE EC exam. 

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