Six Tips To Strengthen Your Motorcycle Injury Claim

Six Tips To Strengthen Your Motorcycle Injury Claim

Life is full of uncertainties. You never know what it will bring your way in the next moment, as things can change in a blink of an eye. One minute you could be enjoying a ride on your favorite bike, and seconds later, you could be lying on the ground because of another driver’s callousness. It’s unbelievable how unpredictable life is. Yet, in such situations, it is also crucial to know your rights so that you can receive due compensation.

Every motorcycle injury case has unique complications, such as the severity of injuries, damage to the vehicles, and any long-term fallouts. Some jurists are also biased motorcyclists by nature. So you should know laws in place to exercise your rights properly if a motorcycle accident occurs. With that said, let’s find out how you can strengthen your motorcycle injury claim if an uneventful situation does arise.

Report the accident immediately

When an accident occurs, you should call the police right away to report it. If you are overwhelmed by the situation, ask someone else to make the call for you. It is essential to report the accident to the police because relevant authorities have to collect the necessary information to prepare the investigation report. This process requires vehicle details, driver’s identity, insurance details, and any information that may come in handy. Leaving the scene without informing law enforcement agencies can cause further damage to you and weaken your claim. Also, it is essential to consult different motorcycle accident lawyers to seek proper legal counsel. Lawyering up will enable you to identify the legal steps you must take to ensure you receive compensation for any damage to your bike and yourself.

Don’t fix your motorcycle right away

Your motorcycle’s condition after the accident will help relevant authorities to understand the severity of the crash. It will also help preserve the evidence. Your attorney can work with an expert to testify the nature and severity of the accident. Evaluating a damaged motorcycle is crucial in claiming compensation, so you should not get your bike repaired until you have documented the damage properly.

Get witness information and take photos

Collecting witness information is an integral part of making your injury claim stronger. It will help if you take pictures of your motorcycle, road signs, and of another vehicle. You should ask someone else to do it if your condition does not allow you to take pictures. Filming a video of the spot will also be helpful.

Try to get the contact numbers and names of eyewitnesses. It will help your attorney to build a case in your favor. Most witnesses leave the accident scene once the police arrive. Hence, it is better if you can get their contact information right away.

Get medical treatment

You should seek medical treatment by calling an emergency center for help. Even if your injuries are not life-threatening, you should get medical care immediately. It will also help prove that the injuries were caused by someone else’s ineptness. Also, getting treatment will help you collect medical evidence that you can use to claim compensation.

You should continue the treatment as per the doctor’s recommendation. Follow all instructions properly and avoid any work until the doctor allows you. If you do not seek medical treatment properly, the insurance company can raise questions on the severity of your injuries. They can argue that your condition has worsened by not following the doctor’s medical advice instead of the accident or injury itself.

Keep a record of expenses

You have to document all your expenses related to accidents properly. Keep copies of prescriptions, rehabilitation costs, medical bills, vehicle damage, medical appointments, and others. Provide all expenses records to your lawyer to showcase your financial losses.

Avoid using social media

Insurance companies closely monitor social media accounts to find anything to use against plaintiffs. It will help if you stay away from social media for some time after the accident. Do not post anything related to accidents on your social media accounts, as it can comprise your claim.


Experiencing a motorcycle accident can be life-altering in many ways, which is why you should seek due compensation for any physical, emotional, or monetary damage. It would be best if you took the required measures to strengthen your motorcycle injury claim. Start by reporting the accident immediately to law enforcement agencies. You also need to have sound knowledge of legal proceedings to take the proper steps. From collecting the evidence on the spot to maintaining a record of all expenses, you are responsible for everything. So, ensure that you are taking the proper steps to claim your injury effectively.

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