Coworking Office Spaces Face Obstacles

The top six obstacles of coworking spaces include distractions and noise, lack of privacy, limited space, insufficient equipment, inability to personalize space, and security and safety concerns. However, just because people like working in a coworking space does not mean they are not confronted with challenges.

Businesses that address the top coworking concerns might make employees happier and more inclined to prefer working in shared office space over working remotely.

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Lack of Ability to Customize Workspace

In a traditional office, nearly all employees (98%) have a designated workplace. Employees in co-working spaces, like those in traditional offices, require a designated location to call their own. Allowing employees to customize their workspace can make them feel more at ease while at work.

Invasion of Privacy

Employees desire privacy at work, even if they operate in a collaborative environment.

Nearly half of coworking employees consider privacy to be a challenge in their workplace.

Noise and Distractions

More than half of high-performing employees claim that quiet offices are essential to their success. However, coworking spaces aren’t necessarily conducive to a peaceful setting.

Distractions and noise are a problem in nearly half of coworking spaces, according to employees.

Limited Room

Employees appreciate their personal space above all else at work: a cramped workplace can stifle employee satisfaction and productivity. Working in a shared office space, according to 39% of coworking employees, is difficult due to a lack of space.

Inadequate Equipment

A coworking space may follow the newest office trends — free coffee, game room, refreshments, etc. — but it may struggle to keep tenants if it lacks the necessary equipment.

Almost a third of coworking employees claim that their workspace is lacking in equipment.

Concerns about security and safety

  • People can feel safe utilizing a company-only Wi-Fi network because other employees and businesses can’t simply get into their systems.
  • In a traditional office setting, equipment and ideas are usually kept safe:
  • Employees can store their belongings in a secure office area overnight. Employees can openly discuss projects without the worry about an idea being stolen by another organization.

However, not every employee feels secure in their coworking environment.

Despite the challenges, businesses should not avoid coworking spaces.

Almost every employee in a coworking environment faces difficulties. Despite this, one-third of respondents would prefer to work in a coworking space over another sort of workspace.

Distractions/noise, lack of privacy, limited space, insufficient equipment, and inability to personalize their workstation are the top issues of coworking spaces. One-quarter of employees think their coworking space has safety and security risks as well.

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