Fashionable Jeans in 2021

Fashionable Jeans in 2021

If not a woman does not know what to wear, then most likely she will choose jeans. This wardrobe detail has long ceased to belong to one style. In modern collections, designers and stylists have adapted jeans for use in casual, street style, boho, casual chic, grunge, rock and roll, and even in office outfits. Regardless of the time of year, they are relevant, so it’s never too late to update your set with a trendy pair.

Modern options for fashionable cuts take into account the variety of female figures, which is why it is so easy to find your jeans – the ones that fit perfectly. But before buying new ones, consider all the offers, among which are at the peak of trends:

  • skinny jeans,
  • with a high waist,
  • mom jeans,
  • oversized or boyfriends,
  • gradient colors,
  • decorated with a straight additional seam.

Stylists recommend changing their looks as often as possible, so a practical solution would be to choose two or three pairs of new jeans of different models. For example, one woman’s wardrobe may contain seductive skinny jeans, comfortable mom jeans, and trendy balconies. Considering the popularity of the high-rise, you can add denim shorts and skirts of the same cut to the basic set of clothes . When buying, we also recommend taking into account the length of the product: the most comfortable option for a skirt will be midi, for shorts – up to mid-thigh, and for jeans – up to the beginning of the ankle or a style with a turn.

Skinny jeans

Skinny, or skinny jeans, is a rather bershka discount code item. Not every woman can afford to boldly wear cotton trousers that fit the legs and hips like a second skin (hence the name skinny – from the English. Skin skin). This model is very demanding on the figure and does not forgive shortcomings. But if the body contour allows, then skinny jeans are able, like no other jeans, to emphasize all the dignity of the female body. Therefore, if you are confident in yourself, then feel free to buy a new pair:

  • gray,
  • black,
  • white,
  • or worn.

In fashionable modern collections, this style is most often combined with stiletto heels and bright accessories. Another plus of skinny jeans is the versatility of images that can be created on their basis. This is an image in the style of street style, and an office bow, and total denim. Use chunky tops or tucked-in tees and tees for an outfit that is as trendy as possible.

High waist

As soon as the era of low-rise jeans on the hips in the Britney Spears style ended, the world immediately switched to a more comfortable cut: a high waist. The belt should now be positioned clearly in the center of the abdomen to maximize the length of the legs. That is, in jeans with a high rise, the lower part of the body is visually larger in proportion to the upper. This moment is beneficial for girls of short stature, as it makes the silhouette more straight and taller.

To make the new high-rise model fit perfectly into your seasonal wardrobe, use standard combinations with one condition: tuck your top, shirt, T-shirt or T-shirt into your jeans belt. Then you will emphasize both the waist and the length of the legs. When choosing, pay attention to:

  • the height of the canvas from the groin to the waist,
  • by the length of the crotch,
  • on the volume of the hips and waist.

We also recommend using trench coats or jeans for high-rise outfits , which will create the right balance in the upper body.

Oversized jeans

The trend for large size was first on the catwalk in haute couture collections, and after a couple of seasons it smoothly moved into ready-to-wear, where it fit perfectly into wearable clothing sets. Today, oversize is present in most wardrobes, but the seasons require an update. Especially if it’s jeans: they just have to match the trends. For example, to feel on the same wavelength with fashionable looks, choose:

  • jeans-balons,
  • bananas,
  • boyfriends,
  • jeans.

Each of these pairs can become part of both a basic seasonal wardrobe and a capsule one. The straight cut of these jeans makes them suitable for women of any shape.

Fashionable colors and prints

If you decide to radically change the image with the help of changes in the colors of your wardrobe, then do not count on drastic changes. Since the trend is white, gray, black, gray, brown, khaki, beige. So, easily and without a doubt, buy any dress of noor by saadia asad you like – they will perfectly match most of the clothes in your basic wardrobe.

With regard to prints, gradient overflows “a la dumplings”, which were popular in the 80s, are considered fashionable. As well as plain grunge frayed (ripped jeans). In addition, do not forget about the collar, which has already become a separate part of cotton trousers. Various are popular: from an almost imperceptible turn of the reverse side to a wide cuff.

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