Deck The Houses: Why Decks Are The Next Big Aesthetic

Deck The Houses: Why Decks Are The Next Big Aesthetic

Trends in architecture and construction come and go, but one everlasting and luxurious trend is the deck. People can have decks on the ground floor or the top storeys of the building. They are a versatile design element and provide infinite design potential. Companies like Urban Arch Building specialise in building decks and can attest to the creative freedom decks offer. Decks also offer innovative decor options for interior design. People can also effortlessly get decks added to their existing buildings, and based on the available space, they have a range of choices available to them.

Deck Ideas To Spruce Up Any Space

Outdoor decks instantly bring an opulent vibe to any building. There are several innovative ways to include a deck in a house design,

The Pool Deck

A swimming pool is a premium addition to any building. Swimming pools are aesthetic, that add value to the entire property (monetarily and design-wise). A pool deck perfectly pairs with a pool offering photo-ready locations. Pool decks also offer lounging space for the family, an excellent place to sit back and relax.

The Balcony Deck

A balcony deck is more like an open terrace but is a little more detached from the building. They are perfect places to enjoy a meal by the moonlight. These decks are excellent options for houses on hills or those with a sprawling vista. Balcony decks also offer extravagant lighting options like fairy lights, hanging light decor and even candle decorations.

The Fire Pit Deck

A cosy campfire is usually a vacation dream. But people can add a small or large fire pit to their deck, an instant campfire. Electric fire pits also allow individuals to control the heat and intensity of the flames. In addition, large throw cushions, a comfy rug, or even deck chairs can convert a deck into an aesthetic campsite.

The Hot Tub Deck

A hot tub (more popularly known as a Jacuzzi) is the perfect place to relax and de-stress. Opting for an upper storey deck ensures privacy as residents kick back in the jacuzzi. A sunken hot tub instantly adds a mystical vibe to a deck. People can choose any theme of decor and bring a gorgeous finish to their decks.

The Garden Deck

A deck is also an excellent option for gardening. It offers good sunlight and outdoor exposure for plants. Companies like UrbanArch Building recommend adding beams on top to help residents get hanging plants, bringing a soothing aura to the dwelling. If the deck is big enough, people can also add deck chairs to soak in the vibes as they relax in the evenings.

The Gondola Deck

Adding a slatted roof or a canopy or a gondola roof brings a cosy vibe to the deck. These roofs are aesthetic and provide shade during the morning. The beamed roof also allows for hanging plants or lights for a more aesthetic atmosphere. People can add couches, beds, swings or even a floor rug to add to the cosy vibe. Another option would be to get a cloth canopy (canvas usually) and enjoy the outdoors while being protected.

The Layered Deck

A layered deck has a structure similar to those of stairs. Companies like UrbanArch Building usually make layer decks where each deck level is accessible via stairs. Layered decks offer a beautiful and innovative finish to the exterior. Layered decks also offer infinite decor options. For example, the pool could be on one level, and another could have a fire pit, allowing people to have a range of experiences within their homes.



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