Different ways using which you can easily improve your written English

Different ways using which you can easily improve your written English

In school and institute, we learn English that can be described as scholarly or standard. They teach us the basics both in the spoken and in the written. Then, you have to enrich it and gain fluency to improve everyday language and learn English in a more general way.

Below you come to know how to improve English writing skills.

Read newspapers

If you want to improve your written English skill, then reading English newspapers can be a bit destabilizing for you. Why? Simply because you will discover formal, literary, or journalistic English. The vocabulary is rich, and the sentence structure is unusual for a student. 

If necessary, feel free to switch to more accessible newspapers. Therefore, to start reading, choose simple topics (sports, varieties, cinema etc) or that you particularly like.  In newspaper you can find vocabulary that will help you in your conversations and that you have already tried during your English classes. 

Of course, although the paper support has something special and represents a real act of reading for the buyer, you can find many newspaper titles on the Internet. The international press is present on the net and will provide you with a wide variety of equally interesting articles to improve your written English.

Read novels

Even if you are not passionate about reading, you have probably got caught up in a book, right? During a long trip, on vacation, or as required reading at school. The pleasure of reading is incomparable, and it grabs you when you least expect it. What if it also happened with books in English? Wouldn’t that be a great way to improve your English while letting yourself be carried away by a news story?

Take the example of Harry Potter. The JK Rowling saga is divided into seven volumes and has made the pleasure of reading discovers millions of children and adolescents around the world. Unfortunately for those who are not bilingual in English, when a new Harry Potter novel was published, it was in English. You had to resign yourself to waiting several months to get the other languages version or, if not, read it in English.

And although the majority chose the first option, many readers, too impatient, chose instead to read them in English. This option had the advantage of obtaining an incredible improvement in written English since, through an absorbing story, the reader learns and is impregnated with great speed with new expressions and a rich vocabulary.

Watch movies and series in VOS.

In recent years, series (mainly American) has entered our lives in an amazing way. We all have one or more series in English that we love and whose premiere we look forward to throughout the year. We literally devoured them, chapter after chapter.  We talked about opting for the original version with English subtitles. In addition, this strategy will allow you to improve your spelling bee words.

Play series and movies with English subtitles

In this way, while your hearing progresses a lot when listening to the accents and the different pronunciations, the phrases transcribed in English at the bottom will allow you to see their written construction. A method that has already obtained good results and that can also be applied, of course, to films. For more detail get info at spell quiz.

Learn discursive connectors

Having good written English is not just being able to transcribe your thoughts in English. Without actually talking about practicing literary English, let’s think together about what we might call “formal English.”


But before you even hit the bottom of a Times editor, you’ll have to learn the basics of written English. And this mainly involves perfectly learning the connectors. They will be essential when writing! Can you write in English, and correctly, afterward, however, therefore, so also…?

Obviously, the list is very long, and you have to know it because it will allow you to structure your texts or your emails in the future, and, therefore, your English-speaking interlocutors will understand you better.

Force you to write

Whether it is to pass written English for the selectivity, to get better grades during the school year, to pass your exams, or simply to improve your professional life, written English is an important skill. 

Learning to speak English also means writing in English, since unfortunately not because you know how to speak English well, you will know how to write fluently. Written English is a different discipline, like writing in general. If you have upcoming exams, grab the pen and start writing.


Conclusion: You may have difficulties the first few times, but if you follow all the advice in this article, you will improve quickly, having a great variety of vocabulary and grammatical structures. If you use the connectors you have learned, you will write in English naturally.


If you want to discover your level of English to know what you have to improve in priority, there are several online questionnaires to evaluate you.

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