Dungeon Master Basics – The Half orc Barbarian 5E Guide

Dungeon Master Basics – The Half orc Barbarian 5E Guide

Here is a little information on the half-orc Barbarian character in D&D 5e. First, I will explain the difference between a half-orc and a human barbarian. The Barbarian class is an upgraded version of the fighter class. It has some advantages over the other classes but is not as strong or flashy as the others.

The Barbarian class is probably one of my favorite classes to play in D&D. First, it allows the half-orc to make use of two-handed weapons and maces and swords better than any other class. Second, it gives the barbarian several options for saving throws, both when it comes to hitting point numbers and saving throws against damage. Saving throw DCs can be a little tough to figure out sometimes, so I like having an easy-to-use method of saving to increase my saves.

Barbarian as a fighter:

While it is possible to play the barbarian as a fighter using only the Boots of Speed, it is not recommended. The issue with the Boots of Speed is that it only allows you to move at normal speed, and half-orcs do not have the same speed that other characters have. In addition, with all the extra attacks that the barbarian can perform with its weapons, it is very easy to get overwhelmed by a few opponents. The hit points are not too bad either, but the lack of speed really decreases the overall value of the class.

Playing a half-orc barbarian in the fifth edition of D&D:

When playing a half-orc barbarian in the fifth edition of D&D, you have to be careful to watch for its ability to inflict serious injury on enemies with its brutal attacks. First, always use brutal attacks to stun your opponents and then finish them off with powerful blows. The problem with the brutal attack is that it does not always kill the opponent, and your party may find themselves unable to continue when faced with a dire situation. This is where the saving throw and spell resistance come in handy.

Unlike other classes, the half-orc barbarian also has the ability to use two weapons at the same time, which comes in handy. A strong weapon such as a mace is a great choice. It can deal out some serious damage with just one hit. A war ax is another great choice since it will allow the barbarian to inflict a lot more damage than its wielder. It is also a popular choice for thieves, since the thief’s stealth ability allows him to get into the thick of things without being noticed, and the half-orc does not have this advantage.

Barbarian gets two hit points:

The Half-Orc Barbarian gets two hit points per level, which is the same number found on the Half-Orc fighter. This means that this class can make for an effective fighter or melee tank. Although it is a small difference, the half-orcs still have inferior armor, and their proficiencies with metals are only average. They do, however, have a superior Int score. This means that they can cast spells at a much higher rate than half-humans or dwarves. Clerics and other casters are better equipped to handle spell casting. So this class should be considered if you want to play a magic-oriented character in your party or raid.

The half-orc Barbarian 5e two most important statistics are Str and Dex, and these scores will determine a lot of the abilities that they can use. Their strength score will allow them to deal out more damage. Which makes the half-orc a great choice for a tank. Their dexterity score will allow them to hit harder with their weapons. And their constitution score will help them conserve their hit points. These numbers will determine the types of weapons. That they can use, and they have some of the best weapons and armor around.


Because the half-orcs do not have many hit points (instead of having just one). This makes them less of a threat overall than other characters. They have one advantage over any other class, though, and that is with their proficiencies. Having many hit points does not mean anything. If you do not have a proficiency bonus with the weapons used by the class. So consider increasing this number a little if you wish to be more effective in combat. Hit die for the half-orc barbarian is not a favorable one. But their damage output is great and they still pack a punch. If you like to take a few hits to get every fight won, then this class is for you.

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