Facts About Anodized Folding Windows

Facts About Anodized Folding Windows

When it comes to window designs, the list is endless. From folding windows, casement windows, or sliding windows, you have a broad range of options. However, folding windows are the most popular design trend for windows. There are two types of folding windows: horizontal and vertical folding windows.

These windows are stylish, easy to use, and energy-saving. You can also enjoy unobstructed views as you take a cup of coffee in your kitchen or read your favourite book in your living room. The anodized aluminium windows can be as big and as small as you want.

There are many exciting things about anodized folding windows, and this article will highlight some of them.

They occupy space

Also known as stacking windows, folding windows often occupy a significant amount of wall space. The windows consist of 3-10 panes that can fold on top of each other.

Horizontal folding windows occupy the entire wall space, while vertical folding windows only occupy part of the wall. For this reason, horizontal folding windows can act as doors as well. They work perfectly for people who like to include glass walls.

They enhance the privacy of your home

Since folding windows are significant, it is normal for homeowners to worry about their privacy. Anodized aluminium windows not only offer style and sophistication but also provide privacy.

Did you know you can add an outer coating of any colour? You can add an extra layer of colour coating to prevent peeping toms and improve privacy. The extra layer will also improve the exterior view of your home.

Alternatively, if you prefer clear folding windows, you can use neat blinders and curtains.

They facilitate energy-saving mechanisms

Climate control and energy-saving are huge topics of discussion. Everyone is encouraged to choose options that protect the environment and reduce global warming. Folding windows are excellent options for energy efficiency. Anodized aluminium windows are heat reflective, which facilitates thermal insulation.

Installing the folding window means that the windows will maintain internal temperature by being resistant to external temperature. Anodized folding windows let in plenty of natural lighting while restricting unwanted heat from the sun. That helps reduce energy consumption and the amount of money spent on bills.

They are versatile

The best part of installing anodized aluminium windows is the versatility they offer. These windows can fit into any space, which makes your home appear spacious. For instance, you can use a folding window as a partition for two separate rooms in your home, such as the kitchen and dining room. Vertical folding windows also fit perfectly as bathroom windows.

On the other hand, horizontal folding windows can also act as balcony doors, allowing unlimited light access.

They are historical

Yes. LIXIL Folding windows and doors have been around for ages. Ancient Romans and Greeks installed folding windows and doors as excavations and entryways. Even Egyptian tombs and pyramid entries feature intricately designed folding windows and doors. Therefore, although anodized folding windows are modern, you should know that they borrowed a leaf from these historical inventions.

There you have. These are only a few of the facts that make anodized folding windows excellent for your home. You can also check out Tostem India to see the different folding window designs that will appeal to your style. Your home deserves a touch of elegance and style.

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