Five life-changing plus size styling tips

Five life-changing plus size styling tips

According to a survey, around 68 percent of the women in the world are plus-sized. Yet, they are the ones who find it challenging to choose the right outfit for them. Even though we have modernized in almost every aspect, we have failed to eliminate the body-shaming factor from society.

Plus-size women struggle to find the perfect outfit that fits them and enhances their curves. But recent developments in fashion allow a more welcoming change that caters specifically to plus-size women with fashion trends that are on par with most designer-based wear.

Finally, several designers and brands are considering plus-size women. Some women are very conscious about their styling, while some are extremely casual. So the best outfit is the one that matches your body shape and boosts your confidence. Before we move on to the actual styling tips, the most important tip is to accept your body.

Every woman has a different body shape, and it is okay to have bad days. But the point is to accept your flaws; this will let you make the right decision for the perfect outfit. The second most important tip is to embrace your curves, your thighs, and belly fat.

Don’t get conscious and wear baggy clothes to hide them. Hence, here we are with a quick guide on how to flaunt your body and look beautiful every time:

  1. Long length dresses:

Are you looking for a dress that will conceal the extra pounds around your belly and thighs? If yes then, maxi dresses plus size are the right choices for you. The length of the maxi is usually below the knees till the ankle.

Mostly they are fitted and not too baggy. So what you can do is, add up a belt on your waist to divert the attention from your belly and thighs. But make sure that you wear a high waistband. If you wear it on your waist, it will make your gut more obvious.

  1. Play with colors:

Colors can speak mood, and the color of the dress portrays how you are feeling. It is strange, but you will see many plus-sized women wear dark colors and, more often, black color. It is true; dark colors give a slimmer appearance than lighter tones. But wearing the same colors repeatedly can make you look sloppy.

So having a plus-sized body does not mean you can’t wear lighter or brighter colors. You can mix match the colors to make your outfit look interesting. If your lower body is heavy, you can wear light-colored tops paired with dark-colored trousers. Also, you can add a dark-colored belt to your dress.

  1. Choose the correct pattern:

The pattern of your outfit plays a significant role in your appearance. If you love stripes, you can either go for vertical or diagonal lines. Horizontal stripes will give you a wider appearance. In comparison, vertical stripes give a slimmer and taller feel.

Floral prints look beautiful in spring. So if you want to go for them, make sure you choose the right size of the pattern. If your dress is shorter in length, go for a larger size of the print. And if your dress is long, you can choose a tiny-sized pattern for a beautiful look.

  1. Know your measurements:

Most of the plus-sized women wear loose clothes. So if you are a plus-sized woman, avoid wearing baggy outfits; they give you a more prominent appearance. Your body curves are beautiful, and by wearing loose clothes, you hide those gorgeous feminine curves.

Hence it is essential to know about your body measurements. Wear outfits are that fit your body perfectly. Remember; don’t squeeze out your figure. Wearing tighter clothes can make every detail even more apparent.

Similarly, wearing too loose garments will have the opposite effect.   So the key is to experiment with your body measurements until you find the perfect size for yourself.

  1. Accessorize your outfits:

A plus-sized woman should pay keen attention to her accessories. Accessories include your jewelry, bags, and shoes. Regardless of what you wear, it will fail if you don’t accessorize it with the right things. So make sure everything complements your body.

Sowe recommend you pair your high street clothes with high-end shoes and bags. To divert the attention away from parts you aren’t happy about, you can wear an elaborate statement necklace or a choker. Your bag size should not be too small or too big; a medium-sized bag will be perfect. If you are not sure about what shoes to wear, go for the good ol’ pumps. Don’t wear shoes with ankle straps because they give a stout look to your legs.

Final words:

Finding the right outfit for a plus-sized woman is a challenging affair. In the past, they were given fewer choices with the size that fitted their body. But that’s no more the case; several brands have started to cater to the needs of their customers.

You will see a lot of eye-catchy color combinations and outfits explicitly designed for plus-sized women. But what matters is your confidence level. Show the world that you love your body. Don’t hide your curves behind a boring dress.

Another quick tip, try to straighten your posture and suck in your tummy while you walk or take pictures. It will give you a more confident and less slouchy look.

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