Floor Decals Are Perfect For Offering Effective Directions To Customers

Floor Decals Are Perfect For Offering Effective Directions To Customers

If you own a big store under your name, then chances are high that you are selling a lot of items under one umbrella. Right from the food products to the stationary items, and even apparels and clothing, you have so many items under your store name. It has its share of pros and cons to it. First of all, customers can get whatever they want from visiting your store and need not have to go look for the stuff anywhere else. But, a big store is enough for them to get confused regarding where they can find their stuff. If the store is too big without any directions, then chances are high that you will lose your potential customers easily.

Well, some of the bigger stores have signs at the top of every aisle, where the names of the products are mentioned. But, if you want to try something else, then the floor decals will be a great call for you to address. You can use the floor graphics for offering effective directions to the customers throughout the store. As the graphics are easy to see and right beneath their feet, it will not be difficult for them to find the direction to their necessary stuff.

  • Direct the customers to store departments:

The traditional department directories or the hanging signs can always be obscured by some other customers or can also be challenging to read when hanging far away. But, instead of that, you can opt for floor graphics, which are placed at intersections in store. It offers clear directions towards various products or departments.

  • Directing the customers towards the trendiest and most popular items:

In case you have any particular product that the customers are always asking for, then you can use the directional floor signs to help the customers in finding the right product on their own. It will free up the sales people to assist other visitors and offer that little extra promotion for the best items.

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In some of the larger office buildings, visitors have high chances of getting lost in order to find the right meeting room or conference hall. The floor graphics can then be placed near the entryways to direct them towards their destination or correct wing. It can also be placed right in front of the elevator, to let them know which floor they have to get to.

Directing the customers towards added products:

The directional floor signs are perfect for boosting the revenue of your business by recommending pairings of products and encouraging some added purchases. With the help of floor graphics to direct customers from one to another complementary item, it will help in increasing your sales rate big time. For example, if the customers are shopping in aisle of the pots and coffee mugs, then you can direct theme towards the grocery section from where they will purchase coffee beans as next item in the list!

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