General Checklist That Home Inspectors Follow When Performing Home Inspections

General Checklist That Home Inspectors Follow When Performing Home Inspections

Home inspectors are professionals. They follow their checklist when conducting home inspections. This is why it is more important that you only hire inspectors who are worth hiring. Professionals are already aware of the basic defaults within the construction process.

They will only look into these problematic areas when conducting walk-through home inspections. These types of inspections are generally conducted for newly developed property. You can hire the best home inspection in Lexington if you too are planning to purchase a newly constructed home.

Expert home inspectors will always be willing to pay a visit for a walk through a home inspection. They will inspect a standard procedure.

Pre-pour inspections

This is a part of the land grading inspections. This type of inspection is best conducted by the team eve during the full swing construction process. The basic inspection can be conducted by an expert team even before the concrete material poring is done.

It helps the expert team identify the land condition on which the slab has to be placed. All other foundation components have to be in place at the construction site.

General observations made on the site

An expert team will inspect various components at the site. They go through the pipeline inspections, soil condition, drainage and grading inspections. Apart from these, an expert team may also inspect the bracing, vent lines and vapour barriers.

It helps them determine the quality of construction that the developers have been using during the construction process. This simple inspection will determine the real life span of the property and all major hidden issues.

General framing inspections

Framing inspections are a must during the new construction phase. During this inspection, the team will try and identify the major and minor flaws in the structural components. It includes inspecting the conditions of the beams and the studs.

This is important so the buyers are aware that the studs are well secured. The inspection may also be conducted for the staircase, windows, electrical systems and units, plumbing systems and lines and fire blocking as well.

The expert team will go through the inspection of the thermal envelope system as well. All major components of the vent system and the duct system will also be inspected by an expert team.

Wires and pipes grades

A lot of pipes and wires are used by the developers at the time of construction. Walkthrough inspections will always help the expert team identify the grade and quality of the wires and pipes used. The developers have to ensure that they only use standard quality.

For any buyer who wants to invest in the new property, walk through home inspections are safe options. It helps them determine if the investment is secure for the long term. You can hire any home inspection team to get the property inspected.

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