Get Faster and Get Better in Blockudoku

Get Faster and Get Better in Blockudoku

BlockDoku is among the most loved block games. Gamers play the game to overcome boredom, have fun and sharpen their gaming skills. If you are looking for the best puzzle to keep you engaged, you’ll forget your stress after a few minutes of playing this puzzle. The game can be more exciting if you master a few tricks to keep you on top of the game.

This blog post illustrates the rules of BlockuDoku and tips on how to score excellently. Keep reading.

Take your time

Once you start playing, you may be tempted to do away with different shapes as soon as possible. However, you should buy some time in order to figure out how to score more in fewer moves. If you rush everything, you may not get anywhere.

Stay flexible

If you wish to score more, stay alert and be flexible. If you only pay attention to particular aspects, you may not score much but if you are flexible enough, you’ll improve your skills for solving tactics.

Take each step at a time

You should not handle multiple things at a time. Instead, concentrate on a single thing. While destroying several lines and boxes is advantageous, that should not be the final goal. Thus you should be careful and avoid guesswork.

Create room for 3 x 3 blocks

You should leave space for around 1 or 2 (3 x 3 blocks). With such space, it’s no way you are going to run out of moves.

Avoid special figures and make streaks

Streaks and squares are important. That’s because you get +9 points for each successful streak. This is easier to achieve and will increase your chances of scoring more. However, you shouldn’t wait to make special figures. Make use of every chance because if you wait,  the chance may not even come and you’ll end up losing on the most ideal moves.

You shouldn’t build a wall

You can slow down your gameplay if you decide to wait for the right combinations to show up.  Furthermore, if you fail to put available pieces into their rightful place, you’ll run out of moves. You should act sensibly and don’t overbuild and keep improving your gaming skills.

Keep your board clean

When playing block games the goal is always to build more and destroy more. You should begin from the ends and then find your way inwards. In case there is no space for fresh blocks, the game could end.

BlockuDoku is a game of logic

As you make every effort to get the highest score on this puzzle, logical reasoning is inevitable. Acting mindfully means you take it step by step. You can make moves hastily to scale the scores faster.

However, that’s not enough to achieve the highest score. Guesswork should not be part of your equation and you should take time before rushing into solving the puzzle. Avoid focusing on a particular spot but be on the lookout for better opportunities. Taking your time could help you maintain a good flow and destroy more lines with just a few moves.  

Key Takeaway

Take advantage of these BlockuDoku tips and you’ll love the result. Also, you should avoid distractions while playing and you should not overthink. This block game is supposed to be exciting and easy.  The game is an addictive puzzle that will help you avoid stress and anxiety.


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