Top Four Netflix Series to Watch During Lockdown

Top Four Netflix Series to Watch During Lockdown

The scarcity of new content due to the implementation of lockdown in different parts of the world frightened a lot of people who love to enjoy new movies or shows.

Despite several old projects and some new projects getting released on the OTT platforms, viewers found it difficult to keep themselves entertained with the kind of content they were receiving.

If you are one of those unfortunate people who have got absolutely nothing to watch during the lockdown, then you can give the following Netflix shows a try.

The shows are well made and a brief description of the shows is provided below so that you can easily make a decision about watching them or skipping them. So without wasting any more time, let’s just address the elephant in the room.


The four season-long journeys of Black Lightning met its end with the release of Black Lightning season 4 in May 2021. It is a great show and has some really serious undertones to it while the protagonist of the show deals with several supernatural threats.

You should definitely watch this extremely entertaining show during your free time in lockdown because of the diversity it has brought to the superhero genre and the contribution it has made to the crossover event of DC TV shows called The Crisis on Infinite Earths.


A majority of the fans of the show have said some really nice things about it and because of the enormous range that Tom Ellis brings to the lead character of the show, it has become an extremely popular show on Netflix in recent times. You must watch the show for the brilliant performance of Tom Ellis as Lucifer if not for anything else.


A Spanish heist crime-drama show which has garnered attention from the world in recent times is now coming up with its next season and you must watch the previous seasons of the show before it gets released.


Last but not the least, this Indian show which takes its story from a real-life incident went on to win the International Emmy Award for Best Drama in 2020, and you must watch it if subtitles are not a problem for you. It is full of brilliant performances and you would not regret spending time on this series which has been renewed for a second season.

The shows mentioned above have entertained millions of people across the world and it is certain that they will entertain you as well. It is a matter of taste and if any of the above-mentioned shows match yours, then bingo! You will have plenty of seasons of these shows to keep yourself engaged till the time lockdown is on and after that you can just look out for the release of new content.

Netflix is continuously planning new strategies to deliver new content to their subscribers, so if you have not already signed up for it then do it as soon as possible otherwise you will miss out on some really good stuff.

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