How Can You Ignite A Gas Fire Pit?

How Can You Ignite A Gas Fire Pit?

If you’re a responsible homeowner, then you should remember that building a fire pit isn’t a complicated process by any means. With a little bit of preparation & planning, you’ll be able to create a beautiful-looking outdoor space for you, your family members, friends, and relatives.

Therefore, one of the major decisions that you have to make when choosing the best cast iron fire pits is the type of ignition system your fire pit will have. To make your decision-making process a lot more seamless and easier, we have decided to handcraft this brilliant guide containing some of the most helpful information that you’ll require so that you can have better fun & enjoyment with your new fire pit.

What Are Some Of The Different Ignition Types?

Unless you’re not aware, a regular fire pit ignition system can be something basic, such as a match-lit system to something that has premium electronic ignitions systems with automatic flame sensors & remote controls. So, even with so much variability in the type of ignition systems, the main types are as follows:

  • Spark ignition
  • Matchlight ignition
  • Electronic ignition

It must be understood that there’s no superior method among the aforementioned three procedures. Some people may feel that using the basic match light ignition is ideal while for others it can be an electronic ignition. It all depends upon the needs & preferences.

Which Is The Best Ignition Type?

Before we dive into the differences between the three, we must stress the fact that the type of ignition you’ll be choosing will be dependent upon your application. Moreover, you have to consider the local laws & regulations before you start building your fire pit.

  1. Match Light Ignition Systems

Otherwise known as ‘manual’ ignition, this process offers a cost-effective as well as a reliable option for your fire pit project. One of the main reasons why these fire pits tend to be so much reliable is because they’re simple in their design language. These fire pits are completely mechanical and there’s no moving part inside the same. To ignite it, all you need to do is to turn the gas supply on, light the match flame and enjoy your fire pit.

However, since these fire pits don’t come with a flame-sensing feature (as a result can become a fire hazard), they are not allowed in some parts of the world.

  1. Spark Ignition Systems

Almost similar to match light ignition systems but there’s a major difference – the fire sparker is battery-operated. The mechanism is the same as you’d find on some barbecue grills out there. This type of fire pits offer the best of both worlds – you get advanced fire pit systems with the ignition process being straightforward & basic. Thus, you’ll get to enjoy assisted ignition while enjoying the reliability of a manual system.

But, the bad news is that – these spark ignition systems don’t last long and require maintenance schedules every couple of years.

  1. Electronic Ignition Systems

These fire pits are safety-certified and are always flame-sensing. The ignition process is always automated and you can even control your fire pit using a smartphone app, remote, switch or a timer. Some systems are battery-assisted while the majority use electricity. These systems have the most amount of performance & reliability and they have a re-lit feature in case the flame gets put out by strong winds. These are the costliest systems out of the three.

We hope our small yet insightful report has been able to help you know more about fire pit ignition systems and if you have any feedback to share, do let us know.

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