How To Choose The Ideal Kitchen Benchtop For Your Home

How To Choose The Ideal Kitchen Benchtop For Your Home

In case you’re planning to renovate your entire kitchen, then you need to select the ideal benchtop that would be able to complement your kitchen space. When it comes to choosing the benchtop material, you must remember that there are quite a few options available in the market, such as granite, laminate and engineered stone.

So, if you’re confused regarding which one to choose, then you’ve arrived at the correct place as we’ll help you select the ideal one for your needs. We’ll explain each type in detail so that you can obtain a clearer idea of what you’re trying to invest in.

The Types Of Various Kitchen Benchtops

  1. Laminate

Over the past couple of years, the laminate material has truly evolved itself. In the current day & age, you can obtain laminate in various colours, patterns, textures and finishes. When it comes to a laminated benchtop, the joints in-between two laminate tiles are not that noticeable as they were back in the days. As a result, you can obtain a smart yet economical solution for your kitchen benchtop.

  1. Granite

If you want to opt for the toughest material for your kitchen benchtop, then there’s no substitute for granite. With the help of granite, you can add character and robustness to your kitchen space. However, you must remember that granite requires regular cleaning procedure along with maintenance to be able to keep it in a good shape.

Granite benchtops can look stunning for many years to come without having to worry about renovation, especially if you maintain & care for the same. Moreover, it’s a cost-effective material that goes light on your pocket.

  1. Engineered Stone

In the modern-day & age, you can find multiple types of engineered stones, with each of them being created from a diverse set of materials such as marble & quartz, sealed with resin or polyester. Quartz is said to be one of the most popular types out there, especially for manufacturing stone benchtops in Brisbane. Furthermore, it should be perceived that quartz benchtops are highly strong and are quite effortless to maintain over time. You can use a quartz benchtop for both classical & modern kitchen designs.

What’s The Ideal Choice?

Even though you have the aforementioned three options before you choose from, our recommendation would be to opt for engineered stone kitchen benchtops. This is because engineered stone benchtops turn out to be less porous than granite or marble, making them hygienic to use. Moreover, the overall consistency in their color, design, and pattern is extremely high. Lastly, they’re resistant to heat.

Lastly, we hope you enjoyed our thorough inputs on kitchen benchtops and for any additional queries, contact us any time.

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