How much it costs to design a WordPress website

How much it costs to design a WordPress website

Hey if you are thinking about WordPress website design, let me tell you that’s a superb idea. Being most popular, powerful and robust content management system globally, WordPress has the most easy to use admin panel, widely spread, managed and affordable interface. There is a question in the mind of newbies “WordPress is a free platform, but I’ve heard that some tools are paid. How much exact investment I need in designing WordPress website?” The answer is simple, the investment is directly proportional to your aims and demands. Investment in WordPress will aid to build an appealing, tempting and gorgeous website without any load on budget and breaking the bank. In this article, we’ll break up the segments with the cost that you’ll count on while designing website. So, come let’s break it down

Domain Name:

The visitor needs a website address to locate it on the internet, which is called Domain Name i.e. the virtual address of a website. When you register your domain name, you are actually purchasing a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for your website. Let’s break down the domain name so get an easy understanding on the pricing of URL. For example;, HTTP is the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, google is the domain name and .com is (TLD) Top Level Domain or more simply is an extension. We’ve broken up the whole URL, now the pricing depends on the kind of extension you buy. Let’s say, TLD .com priced approximately $10 per annum while country-wise extensions such as .pk, .in, .uk, .co are comparatively cheaper. Similarly some extensions such as .accountants, .casino and .io are priced $60-$150 per year. Domain Name can be purchased from registrars like NameCheap, BlueHost, CloudFare, GoDaddy etc. It must be remembered to purchase a privacy protection feature while purchasing a domain name that will be acquired at a cost of $10-$15 per year. Increase of $5 is worth of your deal as it keeps private and secures your data i.e. domain name, physical address and the email address.

Web Hosting:

Web Hosting offers you a space to store your website data and files on a server. It is very important to pick a good and robust web host because a web host can induce or deduce your online presence. Before choosing a web host, make sure it is reliable, robust, responsive, fast, good uptime rate and must have excellent technical support. It is also an option to host the website on as it is free but your website will be a subdomain of so this option isn’t recommended mostly. For a beginner, there are numerous web hosting service providers in the market you can choose from. Many web hosting service providers offer their services at a reasonable price i.e. $50-$100 per annum. The range of accessible WordPress hosting choices not only permits new consumers to create an online occurrence but also offers climbable results for progress over time.

SSL Certificate:

SSL Certificate aids a website to move from HTTP to HTTPS, and Google uses HTTPS as a ranking signal. So, to create a robust online presence you need to have an SSL certificate for your website as it also complies with GDPR. It normally costs between $50-$250 per year, but when you’re purchasing web hosting services for the first time you might get an SSL certificate on a discounted price or for free.


WordPress offers numerous themes for customization, also Feature Filter can be used to find out the relevant themes according to your need and requirement of blog and business. If you are serious with your website, frankly speaking, you then need Premium Themes that follow defined coding practices, efficiently customizable, have more features to offer than free themes, swift compatibility with all browsers and highly engaged with plugins. Many websites offer Premium Themes on an annual membership fee i.e. $80-$100 per year. Moreover, you can also hire a WordPress Theme Developer to get the task done according to your requirement which can range $500-$50,000. It must be kept in mind that custom theme design will incur an annual maintenance cost and also an additional fee in case of adding new features and functionalities in your website.


Plugins assimilate precise tasks to your website and enhance its functionality. Almost 54,000 plugins listed on WordPress, alike Themes some are Free, some demands payment for offerings while some follow Freemium pricing policy. Many Plugins are available on WordPress that aids inset title, Meta description, create contact forms, add fields like name, email, and contact number. Plugins also help in blocking off spam comments, adding social media share and follow buttons, sliders, popups and banners. It automates end-to-end email-related activities such as the addition of new subscriber to a list, starting a drop email order, generating bulk emails, screens and defends your website from malware and hacks. It also backs up and restores your data in case your website data is conceded. Cost of Plugin varies and normally depends on the plugin itself and individual pricing.

Apparently, the cost of designing a WordPress website directly depends on the requirement of the customer. If you aim to design a hobby blog its price will vary similarly price will be different for an online store or an e-commerce website. Let’s take a bird’s eye view on an approximate cost of designing WordPress website catering to different types of sites.

  • A simple blog can be designed by an approximate cost of $100 per year, remember it does not include development cost in case if you’ve outsourced a web developer.
  • If you aim to display your business i.e. specific products/services with few web pages of your company profile, contact page and specific custom WordPress development services then the WordPress website will be designed at significantly lower cost i.e. $120-$140 per year.
  • Now, building an e-commerce website needs more functionalities than a hobby blog and business website so it is obvious that the designing price will increase i.e. $250 per year
  • For a custom website, you’ve to hire a web developer as we discussed earlier and this process can range from $500-$5000 or more than that. Furthermore, the cost of annual development, maintenance and modification will be added accordingly.

After reading this article, the concept of a burden on the budget will be abolished. Designing a WordPress website obviously won’t burn a hole in your pocket unless your requirements are too luxurious and robustly personalized.

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