How NCA books are useful in exam preparation?

How NCA books are useful in exam preparation?

A standing committee of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada (FLSC), the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) is responsible for evaluating the educational credentials of internationally trained lawyers and law graduates. The committee also assesses the worth of the legal degree earned in other nations by comparing it with the national legal standards. Therefore, the committee conducts fact-based and open-book NCA exams to evaluate the legal credentials of those willing to secure admission to a law society in the law jurisdiction in Canada. Simultaneously, NCA books help aspiring law professionals prepare for the exam.

Is the NCA exam hard to qualify?

The NCA exam is considered one of the most challenging examinations in the law domain. Therefore, students wishing to practice law in Canada must qualify for the examination. Although the NCA exam is harder to crack and has an alarming failure rate, an appropriate preparation strategy can help aspirants succeed in the examination.

Passing the NCA exam is definitely not a cakewalk. Although it is an open-book examination, aspiring law professionals have to prepare for the exam in advance to simply find answers to the questions in the examination hall. However, students are not required to memorize lengthy legal doctrines, but the ability to trace the location of answers in the study materials in no time can only be achieved through a proper strategy.

How many attempts are allowed in the NCA exam?

Internationally trained lawyers and law graduates can take up to three attempts to crack the NCA exam successfully. In these three attempts, two are rewrites. However, aspirants can request the Federation of Law Societies of Canada to write the NCA exam for the fourth time if not succeeded in the three consecutive attempts, FLSC’s NCA policies suggest.

How are NCA books useful in exam preparation?

NCA books are tailor-made for internationally trained lawyers and law graduates to help them prepare for the examination. Designed by the leading universities of Toronto, these books guide aspirants about the NCA exam’s structure, practices and rules. The NCA books cover strategies and methodologies that allow aspirants to meet the national standards for legal practitioners in Canada. In addition, the book prepares students to complete the paper in the given time strategically. Notably, students are allowed to write exams for up to four hours.

How many NCA exams are mandatory to write?

The National Committee on Accreditation conducts seven NCA exams. Out of these seven, students are required to write five mandatory exams. Excluding Contracts, Torts and Property, Canadian Administrative Law, Canadian Constitutional Law, Canadian Criminal Law, Foundations of Canadian Law and Canadian Professional Responsibility are five mandatory NCA exams that are important to write to practice law in Canada.

Aspiring law professionals can sign up for the NCA exam preparation course in leading universities in Toronto to write examinations in one shot. It only costs around CAD 300.00 to enroll in the program. Interested students can apply to the program right away.

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