How to Boost Male Fertility with Natural Ways?

Higher BMI does not always mean fertility. Research shows that higher BMI levels are associated with lower chances of conception. A higher BMI also results in lower testosterone levels and more sex drive. There are natural ways to increase male fertility. Avocado is one of many good sources of folate. You can improve your chances of conceiving by avoiding excess fat.


Dr. Larry Lip Shultz from Baylor College of Medicine, a Baylor College of Medicine physician, says regular exercise can increase sperm quality and the chances of conception. Exercise can reduce the amount of testosterone converted to estrogen. Exercise can also improve cardiovascular health. Some studies show a correlation between activity and better fertility. The best practices to boost male fertility increase cardiovascular fitness and weight resistance. Men should avoid competitive cycling and triathlons as they can cause irritation to the prostate and increase stress. Vidalista 80 and Vega 100 can help you be more successful in your love life.

Another study showed that moderate exercise could increase sperm quality. You were exercising for 25 minutes three to four times per week by active men improved sperm quality and sperm count more than those who did not exercise. It was especially true for men who were healthy in body weight but not sedentary. Research suggests that exercising may significantly impact your ability to lose body fat.

Healthy eating

A healthy diet is essential for fertility. Research has shown that healthy eating habits lead to higher sperm counts in men than in those who eat junk foods. Healthy eating habits can help prevent heart disease and diabetes. Not only does it improve male fertility, but it also makes men live longer. If you’re thinking of having a baby soon, it is worth eating right to boost your fertility. Here are some ways to increase male fertility.

A healthy diet includes a variety of vitamins, and nutrients, such as folate and zinc. Pomegranate increases sperm motility, concentration, and sex drive. Vitamin C and Lycopene are good for sperm. A co-enzymeQ10 supplement might also be helpful. There are other benefits to eating well. It may increase your sex drive by eating right for male fertility.

Quitting smoking

Although there are many benefits to smoking, not many people realize the long-term effects of this habit on the male reproductive system. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, smoking can cause infertility up to 50% and early menopause as high as 50%. Knowledge is power, fortunately. Continue reading to learn more about the adverse effects of smoking on the male reproductive systems and practical tips to protect the unborn child.

There are many adverse effects that smoking has on the male reproductive system. The environment in the uterus and the sperm are both affected by smoking, added Dr. Ian Hardy. Dr. Hardy completed his Internal Medicine Internship at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, and his Residency in Gynecology and Obstetrics at Stanford University Medical Center. Dr. Hardy’s Fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility was at Harvard Medical School’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

Passive smoking can cause a delay in becoming pregnant and can also have a devastating effect on the unborn baby. It is essential to provide a safe environment for a healthy pregnancy. Both the male and female reproductive systems can be helped by quitting smoking.

Avoiding lubricants during sex

Your chances of having a baby are not affected by using lubricants during sex. Some oils can be too thick for sperm to float through. Some can cause damage to their DNA and even kill them. Your chances of having a child will depend on the type of lubricant you use. It can enhance your love life using Fildena 100 during sex.

Avoid spermicides such as Astroglide and KY. These chemicals can damage sperm and result in lower sperm quality. Merhi suggests that couples use fertility-friendly products that don’t contain these ingredients. To maximize sperm’s ability for fertilization, a lubricant should be neutral in pH and not too strong. Nevertheless, many couples use oils during sex.

Avoiding soy

According to one study, men who consume the most soy daily had the lowest sperm count. Flavones are compounds that mimic estrogen’s effects. It is why soy is high in flavones. Women going through menopause should increase their soy intake to avoid hot flashes. Soy may not be as dangerous as people think. In some cases, soy may even be beneficial for male fertility.

Although there isn’t enough research to conclude that soy has a role in male fertility improvement, lifestyle changes and diet modifications can make a difference. It is essential for men suffering from infertility to improve their overall health. Improved diet and lifestyle can increase their chances of conceiving. A man shouldn’t neglect his health. Men will be more fertile if they eat a diet high in fresh fruits and veggies.

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