Sweet 16 Dresses

How To Choose Your Sweet 16 Dresses

Is your sweet sixteen coming pretty soon? You deserve to celebrate this milestone and dress up like never before. Turning sixteen is a remarkable moment in everybody’s life. It is the sign of moving towards adulthood and growing up. There always comes a moment in life that’s not going to come back again. Sweet 16 is that moment, and you can’t let it go like that. You have got to buy a phenomenal dress and look stunning. There are stores that have irresistible designer dresses for sweet 16. Decide on the look that you want on a special day and get a stunning sweet 16 dresses.

Many girls want their sixteenth birthday to be one of a kind and want to throw a memorable celebration. The celebrations are of different kinds, and there is no hard and fast rule to decide how it should look like. You can either keep it completely casual, semi-formal, or even fully formal. Invite a big squad of friends and have a big fat party or celebrate a calm evening in the backyard of your home. But your dress has to be according to what the celebration looks like. Whether it will be a short, sweet 16 dress or the long sweet 16 dress depends on the type of party you are throwing. That is why, before picking up the dress, decide on the party type.

If you are having a glamorous party, go on with a gorgeous full-length gown. Also, outline the dress code that you want your guests to wear. It should be something similar to your dress.

What does a sweet 16 party look like?

Planning and a party and its dress starts with determining what is going to happen at the party. You can keep it simple or do something extravagant like hire an entertainment band and shop from a big designer. You can even choose a theme and get a royal blue sweet 16 dress to add charm to the party. Carefully decide what your party will look like and decide everything accordingly, from the dress, music, decor to food.

Is sweet 16 a formal event?

A sweet 16 party is not always formal. You can either keep it casual or formal. Some girls want it to be a fancy event. In such an event, you will need to grab a flashy outfit like a red sweet 16 dress. You can choose the style and the silhouette on your own. For a small and sweet celebration, where you only have close family members, go with the traditional, pink sweet 16 dress.

Go glamorous in a high slit, deep neck, or a backless gown. If you are not sure, choose a high-low gown in dramatic color.

Your sweet sixteen dress should make you look like the queen of the night. Doesn’t matter if it’s long or short; it has to be stunning. If confused, buy a dress with a detachable long skirt so that you can wear both short and long at the party. Remove the skirt when it’s time to hit the floor and wear it while cutting the cake. A popular silhouette to choose is fit and flare, and the sleeves can be of your choice. Also, consider the pattern, sleeves, and color of the dress you choose.

If you do not want your sweet 16 gowns to be over the top, rely on the accessories. Choose the right hair, makeup, and jewelry. Do not forget the bag and pair of shoes. Try balancing the colors between your dress and the accessories. If it is loud and bold, try keeping the accessories minimal and quiet and vice versa. Celebrate in a style that feels like you and make it memorable.

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