How to Improve the Wi-Fi Signal Quality?

How to Improve the Wi-Fi Signal Quality?

Having high-speed internet opens a new set of possibilities for an average user. With streaming services slowly taking over the entertainment industry, 4K or HDR streaming is something everyone wants their hands on. Moreover, with the new era of console wars after the launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X, you will need something ultra-fast to cater to these needs. Unfortunately, a slow internet can come in the way of everything and you cannot enjoy the expected results. Therefore, one should ideally invest in high-speed internet. We recommend getting it from Mediacom. The high-speed internet has excellent signal strength and quality to experience. You can bundle it with TV as well. Mediacom channel lineup is quite diverse and extensive.

Sometimes, we do have a working high-speed internet but we don’t get the desired speeds. There may be many reasons behind this. You can fix this problem as well. In this article, we will try to understand why this happens, how you can boost your speeds using simple yet effective hacks.

You can try reaching out to your provider’s customer service as well.

Besides that, here are some of the things you can do to speed up your internet and Wi-Fi performance.

Get the Latest Equipment

Your internet equipment matters a lot for all the internet speeds that you get. The hardware that you are using might seem to work fine. However, for optimum speeds, you have to get the latest equipment. If you could get the latest networking technology from the market, we can assure you that the price is justified. It brings a completely new level of possibilities. The internet will run smoothly and you will face less lag during your online sessions.

Replace Your Antenna

Your antenna is equally important as all the other equipment. The best way is to figure out how long you have been using the antenna. If it has been over 6 months, it is time to get a new one. In most of the case, we usually have an internet antenna. However, if you really wish to speed up your Wi-Fi, you should try attaching an external antenna. It will improve the signal strength and make your connection seamless.

We are accustomed to using the antenna that we get with the package from the internet service provider. We don’t recommend using those antennas for longer periods. These antennas come in cheap. You can get the latest technology anytime.

The Wi-Fi antennas or routers are becoming smarter and better with the innovations in technology. Back in the day, our routers had a single channel to get the signals. Today, the routers have access to multiple channels. As a result, the routers connect to the less crowded channels. It ensures seamless connectivity every time.

With the technology innovations, Wi-Fi antennas or routers are becoming smarter day by day.

Check Wired Connection

You can get internet either through a wireless (WLAN) network or Ethernet cable (LAN). If your Wi-Fi is not getting you the desired speeds, there may be an issue with the LAN connection. Most of you might not jump to that conclusion and call the technician to fix it for you. However, it is simple to fix this issue. Sometimes, your internet connection requires a rest. You can do that by unplugging the Ethernet cable from your modem. Wait for 5 minutes and plug them back in. This will reset everything for you and you can go back to business.  

Upgrade your plan

If the speeds still do not get better, it is time to upgrade the plan. This means that the plan you are using does not have even the bandwidth to support the internet devices at your home. This decision should be taken before signing up for the service. If you have a big family or excessive usage, you should sign up for higher speeds. This will ensure that all the processes run smoothly without any interruption.


High-speed internet is an important utility, which means it should give an optimal performance at all times. If the issue with speeds persists even after trying all the hacks, just call the internet service provider. They will have to take things from there and fix things.

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