How to Increase Mobile App Engagement Using Location API?

How to Increase Mobile App Engagement Using Location API?

The influx of mobile phones has acted as a springboard for mobile apps. Nowadays, mobile phones without apps are considered entirely useless, and the number of apps installed on every smartphone is only increasing with time. Currently, an average of 80 apps are installed on every smartphone out there.

On platforms like Google Play Store, the number of apps is increasing with time, but one of the biggest issues is the short period for which people find an app interesting. You will be surprised to know that currently, more than 32% of people use an app only ten times before losing interest in it.

So, the real question here is how app developers can keep users engaged? Well, location intelligence is the only solution to this problem. In this blog post, we will go through what the said intelligence is all about and how it can increase engagement.

The real meaning of location intelligence

Location intelligence is just another type of business intelligence that gathers valuable insights based on the geographical data of the consumer for dealing with modern challenges. The contemporary challenges may cover aspects like amplifying revenue, understanding the market, and widening the client base.

With the help of location intelligence, firms of every size and industry can streamline their marketing approach, amplify their market research endeavors, and even work on demographics-based targeting efforts. In most cases, the IP address location API is used for location intelligence in apps.

In the context of mobile apps, location intelligence is used by marketers and developers to capitalize on location and movement data for offering a more personalized experience. And since personalized experience gives a competitive edge in the market, your app will surely stand out from the crowd if equipped with the power of location intelligence like IP address location API.

The power of IP geolocation API

As discussed above, the IP address location API is one of those tools that can be used to get location data. The IP geolocation API gathers location intelligence from various sources like the regional internet register, Border Gateway Protocol, and even large Internet Service Providers.

In addition to the sources mentioned above, the API can also obtain location intelligence from latency information. For example, by keeping track of how long it takes for any specific package to reach from the source to its destination IP address, API can gather location intelligence. DB-IP is a well-known IP Geolocation company.

Using push notification

One of the best methods that you can use for improving the engagement rate of your mobile app is the incorporation of push notifications. The main advantage of push notification is it never goes unnoticed. For example, while using email notifications, there are maximum chances that it might go unnoticed for several days, but that is not the case with push notifications.

Using location intelligence with push notifications

If you want your push notification to be engaging, you must make sure the notification is relevant, timely, and adequately personalized. Well, you can include all these features in your push notification just by using location intelligence.

By having clear information about the user’s location, you can personalize the push notification to make it more engaging and timely. For example, suppose the user is nearby one of your local stores in another city. In that case, you can send them a push notification about the special offers being run in that particular store.

The market is inundated with mobile apps, and making your mobile app stand out from the crowd might look like the beginning of an arduous journey. But by equipping your apps with features like push notification based on location intelligence, you can make people succumb to using your mobile app again and again.

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